Vancouver Museum Implements Face Mask Protocol

An Art Gallery located in Vancouver has announced new restrictions onto visitors. These restrictions began on July 31st, indicating to guests that facial coverings are required going forward. New measures were enforced before a “Long Weekend” throughout Canada, worries followed for Gallery Administrators. They hope that with COVID-19 protocols, they’ll create safer environments for active personnel & visitors. It should be mentioned that Vancouver’s Art Gallery reopened on June 15th with minimal demands on guests, requiring two metres of distance from one another. That’s been scientifically proven not viable for overall protection.

The Interim Director of Vancouver’s Art Gallery emphasized that physical distancing & handwashing isn’t sustaining protective environments from COVID-19. He’d note that this scientific evidence prompted their decision for the requirement of Face Masks & Coverings. Diana Augaitis remarked that since reopening for public usage, multiple protocols had been enforced to create sanitary environments. Diana believes that for nearly two months they’ve been ready to welcome guests, with added measures like capacity restrictions & cleaning stations reasoning her belief. Medical experts would disagree with the evidence pointed out by Diana Augaitis.

Vancouver’s Art Gallery Interim Director couldn’t explain why she’s avoiding critical medical evidence that suggests COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor locations, regardless of social distancing or facial coverings. Diana Augaitis merely retorted that the safety of Gallery visitors is essential & that face masks will create an enjoyable experience. Artists throughout the Vancouver region anticipate that attendance numbers will deplete by 50% with these new restrictions. Diana Augaitis cannot guarantee safe indoor environments.

False Hope from Diana Augaitis

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control & Prevention indicated to Diana Augaitis that facial coverings limit the spread of coronavirus. Barriers are evoked whenever civilian personnel wear face masks, ensuring that droplets from the mouth don’t go past that protective wall. What British Columbia’s CDC isn’t considering is that a large percentage of the population isn’t wearing their facial coverings properly or removing them whenever viable. This is how COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor environments.

A backlash against Diana Augaitis’s decision continued when the Interim Director clarified that children below the age of five aren’t required to wear facial coverings. Anyone with medical conditions that can’t wear masks will also be exempt. This will create an inevitable outbreak in Vancouver’s Art Gallery.

Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio on Modern Art

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt spent a prolonged period with Quentin Tarantino, promoting their film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. The last of this promotional tour was provided to Marc Maron on his What the F*** Podcast. Tarantino wasn’t available for this podcast, allowing the three entertainers to engage in other forms of conversation. One subject that came up was art. This subject was brought up when Marc Mahon mentioned prior meetings between the actors, which last occurred at the Art Basel for Paramount Studios. This is a specialized art exhibit that acts more like a fair, allowing hundreds of artists to display their works for public viewing.

This moment would prove to be significant for fans of Marc Mahon, who has been dating Sarah Cain for a prolonged period. She’s a famous artist with exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Bringing up the subject of the Art Basel, Mahon noted that the two weren’t dating any longer. Fans of the WTF with Marc Mahon Podcast were disappointed by this revelation. Remaining positive, he asked the two Oscar-Winning Actors what their history with art has been.

DiCaprio’s Thoughts on Art

It didn’t take long for Leonardo DiCaprio to begin conversing about his father, who was a previous painter with notable exhibits. The Titanic-Actor noted that his family was the definition of hippie culture, with his father distributing and drawing comic-books for a career. DiCaprio expressed that his father would traverse Los Angeles in a station wagon named the Puss Mobile. This led to Leonardo engaging with every comic book head shop in the Los Angeles country, seeing various works from notable entertainments. Though this format of artistic expression is often considered immature, the comic book genre proved to be more popular than most and spawned a multi-billion dollar film industry.

Pitt’s Thoughts on Art

When it applies to Brad Pitt, his taste for professional works are more significant than DiCaprio. Brad maintains a personalized painter named Thomas Houseago, who painted numerous canvases and built sculptures for his mansion. However, this was when he was married to Angelina Jolie. When Mahon asked Brad Pitt if he had any new works currently being developed, the notable actor began to laugh and stated that he didn’t. It seems that his wife was the cultured individuals, with Brad being more similar to Leonardo DiCaprio. Their artform has and always will be the cinema. 

The Perfect Gambling Tattoo

Everyone is passionate about something different and also express their love or enjoyment differently. You get the music fans, those who love food, alcohol fans that could be the loudest of the lot and gambling fans. Many express their love of thing in an artistic way, such as tattoos. So, if you’re a gambling enthusiast, you will enjoy this ink inspired gambling article that offers you great ways to show your excitement. Gambling-themed tattoos are great for the more adventurous type player to show off his passion.

Tattoos, Where Did it All start?

Before you rush out to get a joker or a queen of hearts tattooed on your arm or back, you might want to take a minute to learn more about the history of this art form. The one art form that is well practised throughout the history of humanity is tattooing. The first ever tattoo was made of ash and carbon, and as the years went by it changed. Henna poke and stick tattoos are still used by many.

Tattoos, in general, is seen by some as something that suits only those with a terrible reputation. There are also people that see ink symbols as a form of aristocracy or bravery. But what counts is the facts that are part of the art of tattooing.

Tattooing Facts

Tattoos are favoured and used since Neolithic times, and some of the tools used for tattooing was found during archaeological expeditions. Some of the earliest discoveries of ink tattoos indicate that it was placed in thousands of years ago. Ink symbols found on mummies confirmed this. The word tattoo was first used in the 18th century, and it is a loanword from tatau, which is a Samoan word that means to “to strike”. Before the word tattoo was used, the practice was called staining or scarring of the skin.

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There is an endless range of different tattoos, and at first, these were made by using gunpowder or even coal dust. Sometimes people got a tattoo by accident others used pencils or pens, and then there is also what you could call traumatic tattoos.

The first tattoo artist written about was Whang-od Oggay a Filipino using Kalinga tattooing. Also called Maria Oggay she was the last mambabatock, which means she was the oldest of the Kalinga tattoo artists and while she did the tattoo, she would also do some fortune telling. The last known ink symbols she did was in 2017, and by then she was 101 years old.

Ready to Get the Ink On? Lest start Exploring the Best Gambling Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are most certainly not a new art form; it has been around for centuries, and gambling symbols are some of the most popular tattoos. The most requested tattoos, according to artists, include the classy design of the Lady of Luck, the Deadman’s Hand and Colourful Roulette wheels. Thousands of ink symbols of hearts, diamonds or spades and the four-leaf clover is believed to bring luck to those who wear it.

Cinema Nouveau Art House Movies

Over the past couple of years Cinema Nouveau, art-house films, as well as independent and foreign films, have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity. More film enthusiasts are interested in the fresh ideas of the directors and thousands believe that the art nouveau films are superior to Hollywood films. The film style is named after Maison de I’Art Nouveau meaning the House of the New Art and in Belgium termed Styles Nouille, while in Italy called Arte Nova and in the USA Tiffany Style. Art Cinema Nouveau is a term used for the screen deco celebrating high styles that reminds of a time when the Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire’s foxtrot was popular, high details were most important design was king. The same attention to details is used in modern day art nouveau films and some of the best films include Elle, Fireworks Wednesday and Loveless.


Meet Michele who seems simply indestructible and as the head of a video game company she is successful and at the same time ruthless when it comes to her love life. Her life changes forever after being attacked in her home. After determinedly tracking down the man, both are drawn into a thrilling and curious game that might spiral completely out of control at any given moment.

Elle Ratings & Genre

The film received an R rating for disturbing sexual content, language, brief nudity, violence involving sexual assault and grisly images. The film genre is art house drama, suspense and drama and was directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by David Birke and the 130-minute film by SBS Production Studio made $2,339,735 at the box office.

Chaharshancbe-Soori or Fireworks Wednesday

Directed by Asghar Farhadi an Iranian director, Fireworks Wednesday enables the audience to follow a betrothed female working for the housekeeping agency. She accepts an assignment that requires the cleaning of the home of a couple on vacation and as the newcomer in the household gets sucked into a dangerous nuptial of treachery and deceit that challenges all her superstitions regarding the nature of married life. Depth is added by Farhadi via the cloaking of the household events and the precipitants constantly shifting between ambiguity and character perspective. With added complexity, the director constantly challenges each viewer and rewrites the audience’s assumptions of each of the characters. The title of the film refers to explosiveness in domestic strife in a metaphoric sense, while it has literal significance.

Fireworks Wednesday Ratings & Genre

The film received an NR rating and its genre is International Art House and drama, while the Grasshopper Film is 104 minutes long and well-received by the audience.
Nelyubov or Loveless

Boris and Zhenya go through a frustrating time caused by a vicious divorce and as they embark on new lives each of them finds a new partner that threatens the abandonment of their twelve-year-old son.

Loveless Rating and Genre

Loveless received an R rating for graphic nudity, disturbing images and its strong sexuality, while the genre is international, drama and art house directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. The Sony Pictures Classic is 129 minutes long and made $220,691 at the box office.

February Film Releases

We are only in February, but already several top February film releases have already made their debut in cinemas up and down the country. There is a fairly reasonable chance that you will already have made it out to theatres to watch Paddington 2, or Black Panther, but what else is in store for moviegoers in 2018. Let’s have a peek at some of the top titles coming your way this year.

Coming Soon

Arriving on March 23 is Pacific Rim: Uprising. The sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s often criticised predecessor, and starring Star Wars hero John Boyega, this film is Steven S. DeKnight’s turn to take the helm. We’ve got a feeling it will all get very Power Rangers like, but what pre-teen won’t get their kicks out of that?

Everybody loves a blockbuster, right? Well, critics usually don’t, but we’re not interested in what they think here. The first big blockbuster to hit cinemas this year is set to be Tomb Raider. Based on the world-famous rebooted video game of the same name, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander is stepping up to the plate as heroine Lara Croft, as she attempts to track down her dad and survive. Don’t expect too much archaeology in this flick, but here’s to hoping she proves a better Lara Croft (more in line with the original video game character) than her lacklustre predecessor, Angelina Jolie did.

Dwayne Johnson seems to pour out film after film of late (few of which are particularly memorable) but he’s a big box office lure, so it is not surprising that fresh from his Jumanji adventures, he’s set to star in Rampage, another video game to film project. Giant monsters destroying cities, with The Rock there to save the day; tiresome, yes? Is it worth a look for special effects alone? Probably.

Later This Year

Deadpool 2 is a film we’re all excited to see. Ryan Reynolds’ ever so naughty Deadpool is set to tangle with Cable (John Brolin) in the next instalment of this dead-pan comedy franchise. It’ll have swearing, it’ll have crudeness (aplenty), and it’ll have fighting. We can’t wait.

Ignoring yet another superhero movie (The Avengers: Infinity War) because, quite frankly, we’re bored of them, Star Wars is set to launch its next spin-off. Solo naturally focuses on a young Han Solo (who looks nothing like Han Solo) and Lando Calrissian (who looks nothing like Lando Calrissian) in their pre-Rebel years. The cast is impressive, and although the last spin-off outing (Rogue One) was a hit, we’re not sure the necessary baggage the film comes with (re-writes, changes of directors, the list goes on) is going to make it any good. Given that The Last Jedi was poor, okay, that’s an understatement; we really need Disney to pull it out of the bag here.

Also making their debut in cinemas later this year are Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2, Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Predator, Halloween, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Mary Poppins Returns. If you love your blockbusters (excluding the endless parade of superhero movies), 2018 could be a good year for you.