Toronto Transit Launches Public Art Project

The international art community hadn’t learned on the Toronto Transit Project until one month after the “Life on the Line” arts project was launched. Located on the Toronto-Yonge University subway, individuals can witness a multitude of paintings that focus on mental health awareness. Towards the winter season, multiple cities in Canada will adopt campaigns meant to shed light on mental health awareness. Between November to February, depression rates in Canada increase by 40%.

Available to view between November 16th to January 16th, this marks the second year that Toronto Transit has greenlight the artistic project. Artists in Ontario that have experienced mental health problems created paintings for display, with digital paintings being showcased across 375 subway platform screens in Toronto. It’s the Yonge University line that supports framed print editions, which are witnessed by walking around the subway cart. Toronto isn’t the exclusive entity supporting this project, with “Life on the Line” providing their contact information for individuals requiring immediate service with mental health problems. Torontonians without mental health concerns are suggested into making donations, as “Life on the Line” is providing donated funds to three institutions. Those include:

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Toronto’s Family Outreach Program.
  • Toronto’s Civilians Response Initiative.

Those witnessing the digital or physical editions of these paintings are welcomed to purchase these prints. Each dollar earned will see $0.75 donated to these three institutions, with $0.25 being given to the artists. Paintings are reasonably priced at $45.00 per edition. Estimated earnings from donations are slated to reach $5,000.00 or more from projections seen in 2019.

An artist maintaining a notable social media presence in Ontario & Toronto elected to participate with “Life on the Line”. Alexander Robinson issued the painting named “The Fatherless Son”, which focuses on young men that were without their fathers & the mental health concerns that creates over influential years in brain development. Alexander Robinson experienced severe anxiety & understands the implications that come with mental deterioration.

Music Night Added to Theatre of Digital Arts

October 2020 marked the official date when the United Arab Emirates opened the “Theatre of Digital Arts”. It’s become a prominent attraction throughout the UAE in two months, with thousand of residents & tourists visiting the venue to witness digital paintings & compositions. Globally loved paintings are incorporated, excelling what’s available when visiting TODA.

Additional entertainment options for visitors are continually being determined by organizers, with the latest announcement being praised by UAE residents. Confirmations were made that live musical performance from prominent artistic musicians will be held between Monday to Wednesday 8pm-11pm starting on January 1st. Scheduling for the initial musicians performing at these live venues have been detailed, which is mentioned below.

Monday’s won’t have performance begin until 9PM, with the first hour supporting local musicians in the United Arb Emirates. Those individuals won’t have prominent names in their field. Starting at 9pm, classically trained musicians will perform solos from various instruments. Soren Ling Hanses will be first to helm this stage, playing an array of classical songs from Mozart, John Williams, Nils Frahm, and Ennio Morricone.

Scheduling for Tuesday venues haven’t been issued to date. Prominent exhibitions regarding digital paintings overlap with potential musical performances, with TODA organizers determining the virtual expo more important than live venues. Wednesday’s mark the next official weekly date where prominent musicians can showcase their talents. January 6th sees the “Suspender Jazz Trio” perform notable songs from their genre, including Come Fly with Me.

TODA Facility Details

The United Arab Emirates constructed the largest digital art-space worldwide, with the Theatre of Digital Arts sustaining 1,800-square-meters. Architects that oversaw construction combined modern technologies with prominent themes used for classical art. Visual appeal is accompanied with stunning effects & surround sound, creating an environment that seems alien. It should be mentioned that several areas around TODA are dedicated to children, supporting interactive and safe exhibits.

Graphic Artist Sells Collection of Musician Artworks

Few individuals have ascertained prominence in the digital art marketplace. Millions worldwide engage with this method of drawing & design, prompting an extensive volume of international competition. An individual named Beeple sustains a largescale audience, driving his artwork to sell for hundreds of thousands. Millions have been ascertained by Beeple throughout his career, with his latest collection selling for $777,777.00 at auction. It marks the most extensive payment made historically with digital art.

Most aren’t aware of Beeple but have likely witnessed his artwork. EDM Musicians like Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Zedd inquire about the talents of Beeple & have self-portraits designed. The artwork collection sold on December 16th witnessed all graphic designs created for these prominent musicians. The association cost of purchasing this collection is because unique & mind-bending visuals are employed, creating artwork that cannot be compared.

The Nifty Gateway Marketplace held an artwork auction for graphic artists like Beeple. Most found themselves earning thousands, with Beeple sustaining the highest-valued collection for 2020. Collectors engage with NGM because blockchain cybersecurity protects the thousands being spent from cybercriminals. Digital assets have become a prominent method for largescale purchases with the elite, with safety almost 100% guaranteed.

Cutting-edge consumerism employed by the Nifty Gateway Marketplace has retrofitted how auctions are held online. Individuals that found digital bids concerning have eliminated those fears with NGM. Hundreds of millions have been acquired on NGM, with Beeple’s artwork alone accounting for $3.5 million. That marketplace is expected to grow tenfold from 2020 to 2025, rivalling largescale auction houses worldwide.

The Costs

Beeple earned more than the $777,000.00 from “The Complete MF Collection”. Multiple single prints were sold to collectors with fewer funds. Those prints still acquired $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 for an average bid. It’s reported that Beeple earned $300,000.00 from the additional single photographs earned.

Bidding for “The Complete MF Collection by Beeple” was rising towards $380,000.00 Nobody anticipated that a silent collector would bid $777,000.00 for Beeple’s artwork. Other collectors didn’t dare question the desire of their opponent, knowing that whoever made that drastic bid was willing to spend upwards of one million or more.

Largest Purchase for Digital Art Announced

It’s shocking the volume of finances issued towards digital paintings on rare occasions. However, the amount selected by an investor to purchase Mike Winkelmann’s artwork was questionable. Winklemann is being questioned by prominent government institutions, which wonder if the $800,000.00 awarded for his creative artworks was meant for laundering money. Unfortunate for supporters of international art, criminal syndicates have used auctions to launder their finances with partnered sources. Questions have arisen on the possibility of Mike Winklemann acting as third-party for money laundering. However, all evidence indicates that the digital artist hasn’t any involvement with criminal syndicates.

Mike Winklemann is located from Charleston in the United States. He engages with multiple digital artist platforms to create unique artwork, which has prompted his namesake to grow throughout the community. Winklemann became famous after introducing 3D Graphics in what Mike calls “Everyday Movements”. It’s one of the Everyday Movements that sold for $800,000.00. Most throughout the community believe that the popularity associated to Winklemann prompted auction members to bid upwards of $800,000.00.

Most haven’t forgotten that last year saw another notable figure acquired by Mike Winklemann. The “Complete MF Collection” sold for $777,777.777 in an unexpected turn of events. His 2020 project was named the “NFT Digital Art Collection”, which sold for an additional $23,000.00.

NFT Tokens

The individual that purchased the NFT Digital Art Collection wasn’t revealed. However, it’s known the buyer is receiving a specialized token that gives them access to additional information regarding each painting in the Collection. Additionally, physical artifacts relating to each artwork is being provided with an engraved titanium backplate. Mike Winklemann will sigh that titanium backplate to ceremonially say thank you to the buyer. It should be clarified, purchasing of the NFT Digital Art Collection was sustained with Non-Fungible Crypto Tokens. It marks the highest purchase with Nun-Fungible Crypto Tokens in history.

Red Bull Arts Studio Shuts Down

An institution that gained prominence throughout New York City’s art community has announced its permanent closure, which follows after this location initially entered shutdown protocols associated with NYC Covid-19 Measures & reopened with minimal attendance. The institution shutting its doors permanently is “Red Bull Arts Studio”, which first became operational in 2014. Studio dedication towards creating exhibitions of cutting-edge artistic creativity won’t be forgotten. Unfortunate for this institution, financial losses relating to the pandemic couldn’t sustain continued operations. It’s the same story that countless entertainment & educational facilities have experienced since March 2020.

A representative with Red Bull Arts Studios final outing was November 15th, 2020. Monetary profits associated with exhibitions became dismal & started costing the corporate division prominent funds, which forced the institution’s closure. Regular shows related to this institution aren’t rescheduling themselves at Detroit’s Exhibition Centre for 2021. When questioned on the possibility of reopening, corporate representatives said that it’d financially be unfeasible for decades.

The corporate division released an official statement about Red Bull Arts Studio closing. Emphasis was issued that commitment towards New York’s art community is relevant at Red Bull, with supported projects entering the grassroots level. Notable artists that formulated relationships with the corporate division revealed that Red Bull’s corporate division hadn’t contacted them since closing the institution. This indicates that sentiments evoked by Red Bull weren’t genuine & were meant to divert community criticism.

Sports Over Art

Corporate funds for sporting partnerships & agreements with Red Bull haven’t been eliminated, with either advertising finances being terminated either. Priority for corporate importance has been defined by this announcement, with Red Bull holding greater loyalty towards sports than art. Considering that sporting institutions award the corporate division with millions in yearly profit, it’s unsurprising. Artistic communities partnered with Red Bull hardly affect revenue streams for the corporate division.

UK’s House of Illustrations Renamed

Educational assistance for young artists in the United Kingdom is limited, with digital artistry considered insignificant compared to classical artforms. One educational facility is sustained for artists interested in graphic illustration, the digital variation of artistry. That institution was closed following Covid-19 becoming a devastating virus for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Loyalists that attended that “UK House of Illustration” were shocked by its immediate closure. Attendees wouldn’t have to wait long for another announcement regarding the facilities rebirth. Hours after the closure was confirmed, HOI Representatives announced an £8 Million renovation project. Construction won’t begin for several months, with completion slated to take fifteen months.

The United Kingdom’s House of Illustrations will be renamed following this renovation. It’ll be renamed to the “Quentin Black Centre for Illustration” and will culturally define Islington neighbourhood in London. Unsurprisingly, this name was selected to honour the founder of this educational institution. Sir Quentin Blake is an infamous artist & throughout this facility, more than 40+ thousand paintings are permanently displayed of Blake’s.

Construction of this facility is beginning in June 2021, with four buildings from the 18th & 19th Century being selected for redevelopment. An additional Half-Acre is being purchased to create extra space for Exhibition Galleries, Educational Centres, Event Venues, Catering Facilities, and Retail. The numerous additions coming to the “UK House of Illustration” is more recreation than renovation. It’s expected that extensive redevelopment will make this Educational facility the largest for digital artistry worldwide, meaning New York’s Society of Illustrators would be dethroned.

Renovation Costs

The United Kingdom’s House of Illustrations confirmed that they’d collected £3 Million of the £8 Million required to sustain these renovations. Prominent thanks were issued to the “Architectural Heritage Foundation”, which donated £1 Million towards the renovations & reopening. The remaining funds required to sustain enhancements will be acquired via Government Grants, Individual Donations, Trust Grants, and Public Fundraising.

It should be clarified that the current location for UKs House of Illustration is King’s Cross. Their headquarters had remained closed since March 2020, which is when Parliament initiated lockdown measures for entertainment venues. It’s been confirmed that reopening won’t be seen until Autumn 2022.

Banksy Mural Protection Efforts Spark Outage

Artistic communities throughout the United Kingdom have been disappointed to learn that a prominent mural in Nottingham has been altered. The mural was painted & crafted by Banksy, a prominent artist in Great Britain that’s become famous worldwide. Frustration & sadness evoked Nottingham after learning this artwork had been altered by the building owner. This mural depicted a small girl using a bicycle tyre for “Hula Hooping”. Banksy placed a destroyed bicycle beside the mural, emphasis that art & reality can often be one in the same.

Nottingham civilians began speculating that local criminals had stolen the bicycle & destroyed it for purposeful vengeance against the city. Two months haven’t passed since Banksy first designed this mural, which first appeared in Nottingham’s Lenton District on October 13st at Rothesay Avenue. Local newspapers obliged the concept that Banksy’s artbook bicycle had been stolen, which prompted members of council & the business owner to clarify why removal of the bicycle was sustained. Media personnel were informed the bike was removed & placed into safekeeping, with additional protective efforts made to Banksy’s mural.

“The Nottingham Project Organization” has worked years towards rejuvenating the downtown & uptown sectors. NPO designated that council members & the Rothesay Avenue business owner had moved the bicycle, with city-employed personnel placing protective plastic sheeting for Banksy’s mural. This ensures that criminals & disrespectful civilians cannot damage the influential panting, which has seen hundreds travel to Nottingham in recent weeks to witness Banksy’s latest artwork.

A Replacement is Coming

Nottingham’s Council & NPO Personnel emphasised that by November 23rd, a replacement bicycle made from a local manufacturer would be placed beside Banksy’s mural. A Nottingham civilian named Kyle Myatt purchased the replacement cycle for Twenty Euros & informed the council of his strategy, which was approved hours later.

Civilians in Great Britain & Northern Ireland have adopted Banksy artwork, which has become famous worldwide. Dozens of artists work towards copying his artwork but often failed to accomplish his beauty. Banksy would become prominently famous after rescuing refugees from the ocean. His actions were considerable a humanitarian act.

DASM Promises Profits After Covid

An industry overview for digital art was issued by DASM, accounting for numerous variables that will change profit margins for prominent artists over the next decade. The summary was required aftermarket momentum changed tenfold after Covid-19 became an international pandemic. “Digital Art Software Markets” released their report that provided thorough accounts of what exhibitions, artists, and collectors can anticipate Post-Covid. Findings have been issued region-to-region & avoid standard exhibitions with physically painting artwork—comprehensive details related to digital artwork exclusively.

Findings required the inclusions of variables like Supply Chains, Impact Assessments, Growth Rate, Protective Measures, and Outbreak Scenarios. Results detailed that exhibitions must undertake specialized strategies to ensure their respective institutions don’t fail. Results state that popularity with physical & digital artwork will drop substantially in the Post-Covid era. Refusing to undertake extraordinary measures to guarantee survival will likely result in digital exhibitions closing down permanently.

Digital artists wanting to review the DASM findings are permitted to enter their website, where data is being displayed via information graphics. Detailed assessments list factors that require improvement for industry-wide growth. Artists solving multiple variables in the Post-Covid era could prompt the digital art community’s survival. Additional information released by the “Digital Art Software Markets Associated” regarded companies in this market space. Trending developments excelled artwork popularity, the financial status of the marketspace post the pandemic, and detailed assessments on how exhibitions can enter mergers into the new decade. Reading artists receive benefiting information that will define their career by 2025 to 2030.

Hope for Artists

The “Digital Art Software Markets Report” suggests that with community-wide development towards new solutions, growth is possible & a competitive landscape can be birthed. It’d enable a market space that’s beneficial for collectors, exhibition owners, and artists. By reading the DASM Report, a granular level of information is obtained to ensure future profits when selling artwork.

Digital Art Screen Installed at CityPoint London.

The City of London in England has acquired a modernized art installation that’s expected to receive positive feedback from the community. Designed with LED Panels, this art installation screen support 8 Million LED Pixels. Image quality received from this abundance of Pixels is 4K to 8K, enabling digital artists to create exceptional artwork for thousands to witness. Individuals participating in the Great Britain art community have to travel to CityPoint Skyscraper in London, England. It should be noted that the international art community have selectable locations worldwide, with the Dynamo LED Panel listed at corporate offices in famous metropolises like Sydney & Toronto.

Creating the Dynamo LED Panel isn’t an easily accomplished task. It requires 221 modular LED screens to become interconnected at a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. What’s incredibly impressive about the Dynamo LED Panel is that its Refresh Rate is listed at 3840hz with 4352×1872 pixels. This guarantees that fast-paced digital artwork will be showcased, permitting scenery to change rapidly before the viewer’s eyes.

Dynamo Display Inc installed their LED Panel in July 2020 for CityPoint Skyscraper. It’d take a short period of six days for completion, with Brookfield Asset Management overseeing the installation process. BAM focuses on renewable power & infrastructure within private equity real estate, with ownership of CityPoint Skyscraper sustained by Brookfield Asset Management. CityPoint Skyscraper was the final corporate office owned by BAM to receive the Dynamo Display. Their headquarters in Toronto was first to receive the art installation screen, with New York & Rio De Janeiro following. Sydney would be the location before London gifted with the Dynamo Display.

Storyline Artwork

Individuals interested in witnessing the digital artwork showcased at CityPoint Skyscraper will be treated to visionary creative studios. It’s known that “Acrylicize” is designing customized digital artwork for Brookfield Asset Management. This creative studio maintains two locations, with their headquarters in East London & subsequent office space in Seattle. Their artwork envisions storylines that are connected with each BAM-owned retail, corporate space. It provides the international artwork community opportunity to experience interconnected exhibitions from the African to European to American continents.

Glass Blowing Pumpkin Patches in America

October 31st marks a momentous day for billions worldwide, with most civilians enjoying the festivities surrounding Halloween. Others focus on a refined version of celebrating, allowing their artistic personalities to flourish & visitors to witness stunning artworks on the year’s spookiest night. Multiple exhibitions are being held throughout the United States, with museums & art studios displaying their darkest artworks.

We are focusing on two glasswork studios in San Antonio, Texas & Orange County, Florida. Both have announced Halloween-themed exhibitions which focus on pumpkins. Both are implementing Covid-19 Measures to guarantee that the virus isn’t spread, with both institutions recommending that visitors make reservations to avoid waiting for prolonged periods. However, walk-ins are permitted following that Covid-19 Measures are followed.

The first event is being hosted by Caliente Hot Glass in San Antonio, Texas. Their exhibition is named the Caliente Calabaza Bash, where dozens of glass-blown pumpkins will be on display. Visitors can bid on their favourite pumpkins & learn online if they’ve one the auctioned pumpkin. Themed has been permitted for artists, with Cinderella’s Pumpkin Buggy & Tim Burton’s Pumpkin King being selected. There are also multiple auctioned pumpkins themed around “Fiesta”, a beloved holiday for San Antonians.

The Caliente Hot Glass Studio hasn’t ever auctioned their glass-blown pumpkins. Previous years saw artists create personalized pumpkins for visitors. Glasswork sessions were offered, where buyers would be asked what they wanted & would receive a final product in 45-Minutes. This often-required close contact with the artists though, prompting a change in director for CHGS. It was confirmed that pumpkins have been pre-emptively created & will be available for auction. Visitors will be granted 45-Minutes to complete their viewing, with a maximum occupancy of ten permitted.

The Orange County Festival

Orange County’s Coastal Art Centre announced the “Arts Fire Fall Festival” for October 31st mid-way through this month. Fall festivities & demonstration shows are being permitted at this event. One demonstration, including glassblowing, where audience members will be asked for unique ideas to create Halloween-themed pumpkins. Glassblowing lessons are also being supported by young adults wanting to learn the art form. Whatever is made will later be auctioned online for local charities in Florida.