Most Expensive Paintings in the World

Collecting art can be an amazing experience, especially for those who truly appreciate the details and the way these works of art were created, no matter how old. There are many different paintings that sell for huge amounts of money, and while we’d all love to own them, there are simply some that are just completely out of reach.
That doesn’t make these items less desirable, but rather more impressive as it’s so rare to see the actual original and discovering why it’s one of a kind and worth so much. On this list, we look at some of the most expensive painting today and what they sell for.

Mona Lisa

To most, the Mona Lisa shouldn’t even appear on this list as it’s simply priceless. The Leonardo da Vinci painting has become the most famous in the world. Though a price can’t really be set on this painting, it was insured for $100 million back in 1962, which was a huge amount of money for the time. Converting that into today’s value would mean over $700 million, making it the most expensive painting in the world.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo

Paul Gauguin travelled to Tahiti in 1891, which started a love affair the country and its women for the artist. He created the now well-known Nafea Faa Ipoipo painting while in the country, which translates to “Will You Marry Me”. It features 2 women sitting in the countryside among friends of golden grass, mountains and golden skies. The painting appears second on the list as it sold for $300 million in 2015. The current owner is unknown, but many think it’s been acquired by the Qatar royal family.

The Card Players

The Card Players offers an interesting series of painting that were created in 1892 through to 1893 by Paul Cezanne. These paintings are currently in museums in both Paris and London, but it has been said that the painting were sold privately in 2011 for an incredible price of $250 million. Since this took place before the above art sales, it was considered the most expensive painting sale at the time. Once again, the Qatar royal family played a part in this painting as it has been confirmed that the above painting is in their position.

Number 17A

The Jackson Pollock painting known as Number 17A was sold in along with another well-known painting called Interchange, which was sold in 2015 to Ken Griffin. On both the painting, the billionaire spent a total of $500, of which the Number 17A painting was estimated to hold a price tag of $200 million of that price. The painting offers an interesting drip effect with various bright colours and black spots. It was created in 1948, offering a unique inspiration of painters throughout the world to this day. It appears on our list as the 4th most expensive painting.

Salvador Dali – When he Paints, The Ocean Roars

The most prolific and versatile artist of the 20th century, Salvador Dali, a surrealist whose painting will never age, be ordinary or stop capturing the imagination of millions. His exceptionally long career, marked by his success in printmaking, sculpturing, filmmaking, painting, advertising and fashion. Dali was flamboyant, mischievous, and wonderfully virtuous.

Dali’s Key Inspirations

Dominant in this artwork the large distorted human face observing the landscape, an acquainted rocky coastline scene resonant of Dalí’s Catalonia home. An unclothed female figure embodying Dalí’s new-at-the-time muse is the naked figure of Gala that growths from the skull, figurative of the type of the illusory men mesmerize while engaged in an activity described by the title.

What suggest approaching fellatio is the females mouth near the crotch while he is literally “censored” at the knees he bleeds, a symbol of a subdued sexuality. On the other side motifs such as a grasshopper is part of the painting and the reason, it is consistent beacon with the sexual anxiety portrayed in Dalí’s work, eggs represent fertility while ants represent elusion to death and decay.

Great Masturbator created in 1929, could represent Dalí’s relentlessly opposed approaches concerning sexual intercourse also his permanent paranoia of female genitalia at the fractious section of falling in love with Gala.
As a young boy Dali was exposed to explicit photos by his father, it was a book demonstrating the effects of venereal disease, disseminating disturbing suggestions of sex with indisposition and decay. When Dali met Gala he was a virgin, it is said he encouraged his wife to have affairs, later in his live his artwork transformed into philosophical and religious themes.

Dali’s Last Painting – The Swallow Tail

Completed in May 1983, the Swallow’s Tail, a series inspired by the catastrophe of mathematics was the last paintings by Salvador Dali. Born on the 11th of May 1904 in Spain, Dali was inspired by Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. With thousands of painting completed by Dali, some of his most famous are The Burning Giraffe completed in 1937. It portrays his personal struggle with the war in his country. Two female figures with opening draws down their legs is dominant while a burning giraffe is placed more towards the back. Dali described the giraffe image with flames as the manly celestial apocalyptic monster, which he believed was the forewarning of war.

Other painting by the Spanish artists includes Tuna Fishing, Galatea of the Spheres, Metamorphosis of Narcissus as well as Christ of Saint John of the Cross completed in 1951 as well as The Persistence of Memory depicting melting watched draped on rocks with a calm ocean in the background. Dali described the melting of the watches as a symbol of mortality, while the ants around the watches present decay. The concept Dali used for this painting is that of the human mind as it shifts during sleep from softness to the hardness of reality.

Magical Garden is Monet’s Source of Inspiration

Art lovers have no difficulty in recognising the work of Monet. His masterpieces were inspired by architecture, landscapes and his own garden that was described as simply magical. Claude Money was a famous art master; his painting includes Jean-Pierre Hoschede and Michel Monet on the Banks of the Epte and A Stormy Sea. Most of his paintings were inspired by the tranquil gardens in Giverny France. Often it was noted that Monet said his greatest creations was never his art but his own garden in Giverny, He filled his garden with tulips, waterlilies and dahlias plus several other flowers.

This garden also featured a soon-to-be-iconic bridge with Japanese-styled arches that reached over his pond. This can be seen in his painting called the Bridge Over the Pond of Water Lilies painted in 1889.Many artists of his time have said that the only way to understand and know Monet was to see his Giverny garden, there were plenty of facts about this garden that influenced this impressionist’s style.

His Arrival in Giverny meant a Fresh Start for Monet.

A considerable amount of hardship and negativity was part of Monet’s earlier part of life. This included his struggle, constantly with his unconcerned parents, the lack of buyers, harsh critics and all of it resulted in immense financial difficulty. His parents disowned him, his debt increased, and at the end, in retaliation, his creditors started taking some of his canvasses away.

He was dealing with a lot, and in 1883, after he arrived in Giverny, his career finally changed for the good, his painting draws public interest, and he could begin to make an income from his artwork. As Monet become financially stable, he was also able to buy plants, and get gardeners to assist him in building one of the most amazing gardens.

Monet Discovered his Giverny Garden by Luck

The first time he spotted the quaint village of Giverny, Monet saw it through the window of the train, it is this view of the charming village that made him walk towards the first pub once he decided to get off the train. He took a seat and ordered a jug of cider and started talking to the villagers. It was then that Monet heard that there was a carpenter who had a farm he no longer needed. The famous painter took the information seriously and first started renting it in 1883. It was at this property that his journey started and led to the painting of flowers and gardens.

In Giverny, Monet started Creating the Subjects in his Paintings

Way before he discovered the Giverny garden the talented painter would only paint objects created by others such as steam locomotives, haystack and the banks of the River Epte, it was things that gave him, as an artist, inspiration. It all changed once Monet stared building a pond on the property and decorated it with waterlilies that he got inspired by something he created and wanted to paint. His garden was messy, but it had balance, and it was filled with shrubbery and willows. Before he could afford the assistance of gardeners, it was his family members that helped to expand and preserve his garden. The garden he created continues to bring thousands of visitors every year to Giverny.

There’s a Living Spirit in Hand-Made Items, They’re Genuine & Back in Fashion

In handmade items, there is a genuine spirit that is so alive it is well worth hanging onto. During the City of Craft fair in Toronto over 4,000 people attended and made this the busiest yet, while the fair included handmade items from 60 different vendors. The City of Craft fair offered shoppers an exceptional selection of stained-glass jewellery, crocheted cacti, ceramic sculptures and many other handmade items.

The huge increase in the popularity of the craft fair according to the creative director, Kalpha Patel, also a long-time crafter is that mass-produced products are impersonal in nature and leaves shoppers yearning for something more. Everyone has the desire to personally engage with their belongings in a thoughtful and more meaningful way as well as knowing that items collected are of good quality and great value.

Hand-made Crafts are More Accessible

Apart from the City of Craft fair in Toronto and the Craft Week in London, online retailers such as Etsy is also a great way to purchase handmade items. The Brooklyn based e-commerce created as a platform for collector’s and vendors of handmade as well as handmade items have enjoyed mass success and now connects over 31 million buyers from around the globe with 1.9 million sellers. Dayna Isom Johnson, the trend expert at Etsy, shared that the continuing popularity of customisation is the main reason why the company gravitated towards items that are handmade. The beauty of each item is its uniqueness, every piece has a story and at the same time is a great conversation maker.

In Halifax, Gary Markle leads the craft division of the NSCAD University and feels that the handmade craft economy is ripening the DIY era in which individuals understand that what is really worth a lot of cash is handmade items such as hand-knitted sweaters. It recalibrates what the value of an item is once buyers participate and experience the making process.

Patchwork Part of Christian Dior Spring 2018 Runways

Whether suggested or real, it was the aesthetic of craft that was visible all over the runways of Spring 2018. Stella McCarthy and Jil Sander channelled macramé, while Calvin Klein incorporated quilting and Christian Dior patchwork. Alexander McQueen fashion included floral needlepoint, and ribbons turned up at Christopher Kane, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. In 2016, the Financial Times published that an integral part to any design is the craft, it teaches us all what something is about, more about the materials and how it works. Basically, it let us know where we are at that moment.

Have We Finally Entered an Era Where Everyone Loves the Imperfections of Things Made by the Human Hand? The spirit of each hand-made item lies in the magic of the human touch and is conveyed from our hands to something made with love. If something is made with intention, Love is the intention, its substantial. Capturing that feeling is priceless in today’s digital era!

Is Digital Art Considered “Real Art”

While you may look at digital art and think that it’s one of the most stunning pieces that could be created, others may automatically compare it to the art that’s created by clay, pencils, or paint and deem it not as “real” as other art formats. Or, you may even think that as long as you have a drawing tablet as well as a digital art software – you can just create equally amazing pieces on your first try.

Though, the last two mindsets combined created the common misconception that digital art isn’t as real or authentic as other art formats. This could come from many believing that a real artist must go through a rigorous training regime of learning the density of charcoal pencils, the best clay to use, or the different kinds of paint before they can start creating wonderful pieces of art. Though after learning and creating, their art can exist externally. It could be touched and viewed up close. Due to this, digital artists get a bad rep of all they must do is buy some expensive tablet and software and bam – they created some stunning piece of work. Though, this could be further from the truth. There are so many unfair misconceptions about digital art that can negatively affect the artwork and the artist’s self-esteem about their own work.

The differences between the art styles

If anyone takes a visit to an art museum, it is almost undeniable that there are so many different forms of ways to create art. Withdrawing, you take a pencil to paper, sculpting requires the moulding of a soft clay, painting can combine drawing as well as the usage of paints, and digital art requires a tablet and drawing software. Though, one thing to keep in mind is that while all these activities are considered art related by a majority of the society, it’s not really creating. Those artists aren’t creating anything new except for an image while using previously created items (the paint, pencils, etc.).

For the longest time, the only three art methods that were commonly known in the world was drawing, sculpting, and painting. Though with technology increasing, a new art from finally emerged – digital art. Enhancements with computers proved to become an artist’s best friend, a new tool that could be used to create new images. Moreover, it allows for a workspace to be portable and allows for mistakes to be made without having to re-do an entire piece. Although, all of these perks allowed for some of the traditional artists to turn a sour glace towards digital art and begun to utter the mantra that it wasn’t “real art”. Instead of having tons of brushes, pints of paint, and blocks of clay, a digital artist only had one pen that could do all of that and much more, plus with the option of saving a piece and working on it at any time.

This has created a stigma in the art community as digital art just seemed to be too easy. No matter the mistake. While digital art is a more convenient way of doing art due to the lack of having to buy additional items, it doesn’t discredit the art or the artist. The computer is not an art tool. It just allowed for another platform of art to be created.

Adding Personality to Your Home With the Usage of DIY Lettering

Going through a quick search on will show you a countless number of images filled with decorative DIY inspiration. One that truly stood out the most was a DIY creation of a centrepiece for a coffee table, which was created using short flowers which were inserted into paper letterings to make the word “bloom” look even liver.

Due to the rising popularity of DIY, creating your own signs is no execution. Al sorts of letterings, from spelling out a phrase, name, saying, or even a greeting has been growing with home décor. The reasoning is due to the personalized touch that it adds to your home and makes it more “you”.

Although, the true fun is that you can find these letters anywhere. You can buy letter blocks in a crafts stores – which can be made out of wood, metal, glass, paper-mache, cardboard – or basically, any material that you can think of. Which can lead to the obvious question of how should you design the letters? That’s where the true fun comes in as its completely up to you!
Marcie McGoldrick, the editorial director of crafts for the iconic Martha Stewart Living series, stated that in the last few years, a shift towards personal invention has been growing, and the best way to do it at times is to either have something custom made, or do a fun DIY that you can colourful of.

What is Word Art

Word art can be a considered a variety of things. Such as covering the letters you find with glitter, filling them up with colorful sand or beads, or even placing fake (or living) flowers to create a stunning floral design. Heck, you can even go as far as to take a more nature-inspired look and add rocks or leaves. Basically, anything you want to design your letters in or with is considered word art, and anyone can be an artist.

One example is from an Esty store, which is called Emma & the Bean. This store will turn your personal information, such as a wedding date, the family birthday, or any important date into a stunning work of word art of your choosing. Which goes with what McGoldrick was stating, the personal touch is becoming trendier than having a home that looks like a model one.

How Can I Make Word Art?

There are so many ways to make word art that is nearly impossible to run out of them. Although, if you’re looking for some suggestions, a few expect may home some perfect advice for you.McGoldrick has thrown the idea that using a combination of chalkboard paint and vintage décor paint, which both can be found on Amazon or a crafts store, which will give your letting DIY a timeless appearance without having to drop hundred. Plus, doing it on wood letting has been shown to look the best.

Another suggestion is the usage of lightweight chipboard lettings which can be easily painted and decorated. Plus, they are the perfect letters if you want to have them hanging on a string on the wall over a series of family photos.

Highly Anticipated Fall Movies

While 2018 has been the year of iconic movies, such as the Incredibles 2 and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. The fall has many highly anticipated movies as well, which critics are expecting to be just as enjoyable as their summer predecessors. Even though it is only June and we have the only bee given a handful of trailers to watch – here’s a showcase of a few of the films that are being released through September and November that has film fanatics raving.

Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This fantasy drama is a sequel to the hit movie of a similar name, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This film is also tenth in the world of wizard series created by the famed author, J.K Rowling. While the cast is filled with familiar faces that were featured in the first film, such as Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law, as they are attempting to stop a powerful dark wizard while also having to face and hopefully conqueror new threats that are dividing the world of wizards even more.

This film is going to be released on November 16th, and diehard fans of the Harry Potter series and the original Fantastic Beast film are going to be flooding the theatres this fall. From the trailers and the premise released, the film seems to be a direct continuation of the ending of the first film. While the magical is vibrant and unique – the drama lies within the cast of characters as their feelings and trust are being tested as the plot grows tenser.

Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s undeniable, everyone knows of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the famed musical group Queen. While he may have passed away over a decade ago, his legend remains in today’s world. Bohemian Rhapsody is a biopic of the singer’s life in the group. The lead of Freddie Mercy is played by esteemed actor Rami Malek, who is known for his roles for Mr. Robot and the Night at the Museum series.

This film is expected to be released on November 2nd and already has a few trailers which has Queen fans and movie critics alike excited. One of the highlights of the film is Malek’s likeness to Mercury – which many are expecting to be a great show of a modern-day representation of the British singer’s life and career.

Although the hype surrounding this movie is mainly positive – there are a few critics who are nitpicking the trailers. The main complaint is that the trailers are not showing an accurate description of Freddie Mercury’s sexuality – which many of the film fans have simply stated: “you can’t get the entire movie from a minute trailer”.

The Old Man and the Gun

Who doesn’t love a charming leading character who is a famed bank robber? That’s the main concept gathered from The Old Man and the Gun trailers. While this film is a crime centred movie filled with comedy, it is based on the life of Forrest Tucker, a man who is the ideal of crime and iconic prison escapes. While not much is known about the film, it does feature a colourful cast that has Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek, Robert Redford, and Danny Glover. This film will be released on September 28th, and from what the trailers are showing, it’s going to be a film that has the protentional of becoming a blockbuster success.

Books Part of Every Serious Gambler’s Library

Great minds have studied the intricacies of gaming and gambling for centuries, from philosophers to mathematicians and even professional players, all are interested in casino gambling books. As a keen gambler, you stand to benefit in the modern age from the accumulated wisdom from several essential authors.

Whether it is understanding online casino bonuses, gambling in general or finding sportsbooks with the best odds for baseball, with a well-rounded library containing books from qualified authors, anyone can develop strategy and skills to take their game to the next level. Your best bet is to find books based completely in reality, authored by writers not afraid to inform readers of the odds against them, some maybe unpleasant realities, and then there is the huge role randomisation plays.

The most important part remains that the books offer the truth, and for those who agree with the words of a wise man that said way back then, that the truth hurts, there are some fantastic books that come highly recommended.

Theory of Poker

David Sklansky had the idea that college kids should take up poker and drop out of school, as he was an actuarial student fascinated by numbers instead of the written word. In the end, Sklansky’s mathematical prowess led to leaving school, his goal was to take up poker tournaments, and between 1982 to 1983 he won three gold bracelets.

Sklansky enjoyed a poker career of over 30 years in which he amassed over $1.38 million. However, it was not at the poker tables he made his most meaningful contribution to the world of gambling or poker, but at this typewriter by realing casino gambling books.

While he made a name for himself in poker, Sklansky stopped participating in poker tournaments in 1991 to write and pursue other gambling games. Despite the phenomenal results he enjoyed in tournaments he loved the freedom offered by cash games. Currently, over thirteen books are available, and Sklansky praised for the wisdom he shared but also for how easy it is to read and understand.

Sklansky’s Constant Need to Learn More About Casino Games

If you can learn anything from the poker master and casino gambling books it is that the more you know and learn about gambling or anything else, the better off you are. Another hugely important factor in gambling is fully understanding online casino bonuses. Sklansky believes that if you’re better than everyone else you make money immediately, if there is something you know, and the other person is not willing to learn then he takes their money.

If your goal is to claim is to benefit as much as possible from casino bonuses, offers all the information you could possibly need regarding all bonus forms. When visiting the site, take some time to read the valuable reviews and bonus offers as many will award you free no deposit bonuses for Canadians looking to play casino games online.

Survival of Heritage & Art Ordinations Depends on Audience Engagement

Art and heritage organisation’s only hope, to remain appealing and relevant is to focus on attracting a larger audience. One of the major factors is the relationship between the audience and the art providers since both arts and heritage sights face several challenges in a modern world.

Heritage and arts organisations need to radically change their audience approach if they wish to survive and remain relevant. After series thought, several realised several traps they fall into. Most heritage sites believe that everyone would find gardens, monuments, the theatre and galleries interesting. While this is mainly true, with online entertainment available in the comfort of people’s homes, it is time to approach the audience completely different. Organisations looking for growth via both its existing or new audiences, often relied on creating project posts. While experts believe a shift is vital in the core and culture activity of such organisations, the fact remains on how audiences are approached.

The first step is to know the audience, often not attended to, as organisations focus on running the operations. The route to true insight might be by establishing a framework offering a more convenient way to remain updated with the ever-shifting interests of the audience. Heritage, museums and art studios need to push the boundaries, take calculated risks and do more to develop new appetites and tastes in attracting an ever-evolving audience

Art & Heritage Sites Interact Better with Audience via Communication, Learning & Socialising

The new way of understanding an audience is by adopting a digital strategy. Given the increasing speed at which individuals live and the demands on their time. Planned cultural experiences need human participation, but even in these, the need for a radical change is vital. Instead of making museum or art gallery visits a special occasion, it should be an experience the world wants to enjoy every day. This would require ways that tap into people’s experience and involve new models of engagement. Digital is integral but focussing purely on it might not be the answer, the only way is to get to the core of what the audience really need and want.

Understanding Visitors, Developing Audiences are Key to Heritage & Art Long-Term Future

Art galleries and museums now focus on spending both money and time on attracting different audiences in the most engaging ways. A twelve-month project of collecting information allowed museums to create detailed profiles of their audiences, which provided an insight into the visitor’s experience on which several physical improvements followed. By increasing the satisfactory levels of visitors, it is finding ways to enrich each visit that could attract visitors from around the globe to art galleries and museums.

The Star Wars Franchise Is Alive and Well

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in 2015, it was immensely popular and gave life to The Star Wars Franchise that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. There are now two more in the franchise that will happen as well as one that has had development issues but should hit the big screen in the not too distant future.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Release Date May 25, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the 2nd movie in the Star Wars franchise that is not of the original order after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This movie focuses on a young Han Solo that will be played by Alden Ehrenreich as well as a great cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton, and Donald Glover playing Lando Calrissian, who was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The production for the Solo movie was not a smooth one in the beginning with the directors of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who helmed the Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, being fired after only a few months. Ron Howard was brought on to bring his expertise behind the lens, and the film has created a ton of buzz, especially since the trailers have been released.

Star Wars: Episode IX Release Date December 20, 2019

Star Wars: Episode IX has also had some problems behind the scenes in early pre-production, and that was mainly due to the death of Carrie Fisher. Colin Trevorrow was first slated to be the director, but he dropped out after Fisher passed away and Lucasfilm brought back J.J. Abrams, who directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The main stars of the last two original Star Wars films, not the spinoffs, in John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Oscar Isaac will all be back for what will be the 9th of Star Wars original series, which may be the last one. Or will it? With the popularity of all the movies and the spinoffs created because of it, the 9th and “final” saga will likely not be the finale.

Boba Fett – Rumored to be released in 2020

If they have a move about Han Solo why not have one about his nemesis, who is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. The movie about Boba Fett began development back in 2014, but also had some issues when Josh Trank would be directing. However, when his Fantastic Four remake was a big-time bomb and not even a year later, Trank was fired, and no director has been named as of yet. There is no casting information and the Star Wars faithful have been looking forward to any information about the Boba Fett movie. Will Han Solo be in it? Just one of the many questions about the highly anticipated movie that may never even come to be.

The Star Wars franchise is alive and well and Solo: A S

tar Wars Story is next in line. Both of the last two of the series and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been HUGE at the box office, so don’t expect a falloff in the franchise that has spawned a legion of fans and some of the most popular movies of all time.