Digital Art Screen Installed at CityPoint London.

The City of London in England has acquired a modernized art installation that’s expected to receive positive feedback from the community. Designed with LED Panels, this art installation screen support 8 Million LED Pixels. Image quality received from this abundance of Pixels is 4K to 8K, enabling digital artists to create exceptional artwork for thousands to witness. Individuals participating in the Great Britain art community have to travel to CityPoint Skyscraper in London, England. It should be noted that the international art community have selectable locations worldwide, with the Dynamo LED Panel listed at corporate offices in famous metropolises like Sydney & Toronto.

Creating the Dynamo LED Panel isn’t an easily accomplished task. It requires 221 modular LED screens to become interconnected at a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. What’s incredibly impressive about the Dynamo LED Panel is that its Refresh Rate is listed at 3840hz with 4352×1872 pixels. This guarantees that fast-paced digital artwork will be showcased, permitting scenery to change rapidly before the viewer’s eyes.

Dynamo Display Inc installed their LED Panel in July 2020 for CityPoint Skyscraper. It’d take a short period of six days for completion, with Brookfield Asset Management overseeing the installation process. BAM focuses on renewable power & infrastructure within private equity real estate, with ownership of CityPoint Skyscraper sustained by Brookfield Asset Management. CityPoint Skyscraper was the final corporate office owned by BAM to receive the Dynamo Display. Their headquarters in Toronto was first to receive the art installation screen, with New York & Rio De Janeiro following. Sydney would be the location before London gifted with the Dynamo Display.

Storyline Artwork

Individuals interested in witnessing the digital artwork showcased at CityPoint Skyscraper will be treated to visionary creative studios. It’s known that “Acrylicize” is designing customized digital artwork for Brookfield Asset Management. This creative studio maintains two locations, with their headquarters in East London & subsequent office space in Seattle. Their artwork envisions storylines that are connected with each BAM-owned retail, corporate space. It provides the international artwork community opportunity to experience interconnected exhibitions from the African to European to American continents.