DASM Promises Profits After Covid

An industry overview for digital art was issued by DASM, accounting for numerous variables that will change profit margins for prominent artists over the next decade. The summary was required aftermarket momentum changed tenfold after Covid-19 became an international pandemic. “Digital Art Software Markets” released their report that provided thorough accounts of what exhibitions, artists, and collectors can anticipate Post-Covid. Findings have been issued region-to-region & avoid standard exhibitions with physically painting artwork—comprehensive details related to digital artwork exclusively.

Findings required the inclusions of variables like Supply Chains, Impact Assessments, Growth Rate, Protective Measures, and Outbreak Scenarios. Results detailed that exhibitions must undertake specialized strategies to ensure their respective institutions don’t fail. Results state that popularity with physical & digital artwork will drop substantially in the Post-Covid era. Refusing to undertake extraordinary measures to guarantee survival will likely result in digital exhibitions closing down permanently.

Digital artists wanting to review the DASM findings are permitted to enter their website, where data is being displayed via information graphics. Detailed assessments list factors that require improvement for industry-wide growth. Artists solving multiple variables in the Post-Covid era could prompt the digital art community’s survival. Additional information released by the “Digital Art Software Markets Associated” regarded companies in this market space. Trending developments excelled artwork popularity, the financial status of the marketspace post the pandemic, and detailed assessments on how exhibitions can enter mergers into the new decade. Reading artists receive benefiting information that will define their career by 2025 to 2030.

Hope for Artists

The “Digital Art Software Markets Report” suggests that with community-wide development towards new solutions, growth is possible & a competitive landscape can be birthed. It’d enable a market space that’s beneficial for collectors, exhibition owners, and artists. By reading the DASM Report, a granular level of information is obtained to ensure future profits when selling artwork.

Digital Art Screen Installed at CityPoint London.

The City of London in England has acquired a modernized art installation that’s expected to receive positive feedback from the community. Designed with LED Panels, this art installation screen support 8 Million LED Pixels. Image quality received from this abundance of Pixels is 4K to 8K, enabling digital artists to create exceptional artwork for thousands to witness. Individuals participating in the Great Britain art community have to travel to CityPoint Skyscraper in London, England. It should be noted that the international art community have selectable locations worldwide, with the Dynamo LED Panel listed at corporate offices in famous metropolises like Sydney & Toronto.

Creating the Dynamo LED Panel isn’t an easily accomplished task. It requires 221 modular LED screens to become interconnected at a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. What’s incredibly impressive about the Dynamo LED Panel is that its Refresh Rate is listed at 3840hz with 4352×1872 pixels. This guarantees that fast-paced digital artwork will be showcased, permitting scenery to change rapidly before the viewer’s eyes.

Dynamo Display Inc installed their LED Panel in July 2020 for CityPoint Skyscraper. It’d take a short period of six days for completion, with Brookfield Asset Management overseeing the installation process. BAM focuses on renewable power & infrastructure within private equity real estate, with ownership of CityPoint Skyscraper sustained by Brookfield Asset Management. CityPoint Skyscraper was the final corporate office owned by BAM to receive the Dynamo Display. Their headquarters in Toronto was first to receive the art installation screen, with New York & Rio De Janeiro following. Sydney would be the location before London gifted with the Dynamo Display.

Storyline Artwork

Individuals interested in witnessing the digital artwork showcased at CityPoint Skyscraper will be treated to visionary creative studios. It’s known that “Acrylicize” is designing customized digital artwork for Brookfield Asset Management. This creative studio maintains two locations, with their headquarters in East London & subsequent office space in Seattle. Their artwork envisions storylines that are connected with each BAM-owned retail, corporate space. It provides the international artwork community opportunity to experience interconnected exhibitions from the African to European to American continents.

Glass Blowing Pumpkin Patches in America

October 31st marks a momentous day for billions worldwide, with most civilians enjoying the festivities surrounding Halloween. Others focus on a refined version of celebrating, allowing their artistic personalities to flourish & visitors to witness stunning artworks on the year’s spookiest night. Multiple exhibitions are being held throughout the United States, with museums & art studios displaying their darkest artworks.

We are focusing on two glasswork studios in San Antonio, Texas & Orange County, Florida. Both have announced Halloween-themed exhibitions which focus on pumpkins. Both are implementing Covid-19 Measures to guarantee that the virus isn’t spread, with both institutions recommending that visitors make reservations to avoid waiting for prolonged periods. However, walk-ins are permitted following that Covid-19 Measures are followed.

The first event is being hosted by Caliente Hot Glass in San Antonio, Texas. Their exhibition is named the Caliente Calabaza Bash, where dozens of glass-blown pumpkins will be on display. Visitors can bid on their favourite pumpkins & learn online if they’ve one the auctioned pumpkin. Themed has been permitted for artists, with Cinderella’s Pumpkin Buggy & Tim Burton’s Pumpkin King being selected. There are also multiple auctioned pumpkins themed around “Fiesta”, a beloved holiday for San Antonians.

The Caliente Hot Glass Studio hasn’t ever auctioned their glass-blown pumpkins. Previous years saw artists create personalized pumpkins for visitors. Glasswork sessions were offered, where buyers would be asked what they wanted & would receive a final product in 45-Minutes. This often-required close contact with the artists though, prompting a change in director for CHGS. It was confirmed that pumpkins have been pre-emptively created & will be available for auction. Visitors will be granted 45-Minutes to complete their viewing, with a maximum occupancy of ten permitted.

The Orange County Festival

Orange County’s Coastal Art Centre announced the “Arts Fire Fall Festival” for October 31st mid-way through this month. Fall festivities & demonstration shows are being permitted at this event. One demonstration, including glassblowing, where audience members will be asked for unique ideas to create Halloween-themed pumpkins. Glassblowing lessons are also being supported by young adults wanting to learn the art form. Whatever is made will later be auctioned online for local charities in Florida.

Dubai Theatre of Digital Arts Unveiled

The “Monet to Kandinsky Revolutionary Art Exhibition” is available for public viewing in the United Arab Emirates. It was announced on October 24th that the Dubai Theatre of Digital Arts is launching their latest exhibition, which focuses on classic artworks that younger audiences haven’t witnessed. Exposure of these new artworks has been targeted towards Dubai residents & tourists aged between 18 to 35.

Travelling to Dubai is possible again during the COVID-19 Era, with tourists having to provide medical details to the United Arab Emirates. These details include a negative result from a PCR COVID Test, which had to be administered within 72-Hours before that tourist’s arrival to Dubai. Adhering to COVID Protocols enables visitors to witness one of our planet’s most modern & stunning cities. Selecting the Dubai Theatre of Digital Arts for a tourist location isn’t disappointing, with this gallery being unlike any other worldwide.

Visitors are positioned inside an indoor theatre, which displays digital art from projectors. It enables guests to be inside the paintings & experience what the artist had dreamed when creating their artwork. Coinciding with the revolutionary method of portraying art is a spectacular soundtrack, which uses traditional music from Beethoven & Bach. This creates an engaging experience that exceeds the expectations of visitors. Furthermore, photographers taken at this facility are Instagram-friendly. That’ll, unfortunately, be a significant aspect that brings visitors to the Dubai Theatre of Digital Arts “Monet to Kandinsky Revolutionary Art Exhibition”.

Additional Artists

The Curator overseeing Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Arts has selected a multitude of artists from the 19th to 20th centuries. Variations of painting styles are showcased, including cubism & impressionism. Expressionism is also seen throughout multiple artworks. The exhibition begins on October 24th and will end on November 30th in Dubai. Viewers can also witness a virtual version of the show through the Dubai Theatre of Digital Arts website. Visitation is free-of-charge for both methods of viewing. Below are the other artists that are being showcased at the Money to Kandinsky exhibition.

  • Claude Monet
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • George Seurat
  • Paul Cezanne
  • Edvard Munch
  • Robert Delaunay
  • Juan Gris
  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Paul Klee

Arts Umbrella Institute Announces Silent Auction

Non-Profit Organizations exist for numerous charities, assisting various groups in society with the financial aid required in pursuing their goals or sustaining a normalized lifestyle. Most exhibitions, galas, and auctions surrounding the growth of charitable financial assistance have been terminated amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Earnings have dropped substantially, forcing Non-Profit Organizations to create innovative ideas to entice their regular donators.

The Arts Umbrella Institution in British Columbia has followed similar formats to other charities, implementing a silent auction. It was announced on October 12th that the “Splash Art Auction & Gala presented by Nicola Wealth” will execute the silent auction format for public attendance. This venue is typically private & meant for an elite group in Canadian society. However, locals across the nation can acquire historical paintings from iconic arts in Canada from their home. Purchasing these artistic works will also support the educational growth of youth interested in art across Canada.

Gala organizers with the Arts Umbrella Institution have requested local arts with prominent names in their community to create new paintings & donate those charitable artworks. Common artists associated with the “Splash Art Auction and Gala” have returned for the digital iteration of this charitable event. There are sixty-four prominent artists from Canada donating their best artworks from 2020. Stoneware, Photography Prints, Sculptures, and Paintings will be available. Notable arts include:

  • Tara Lee Bennet
  • Gina Miller
  • Stacy Lederman
  • Kari Kristensen
  • Lyle XOX

Canadians are known for supporting their local artists similar to the people of Europe. It’s enabled a flourishing artistic community that’s begun dwindling, which came after District School Boards across Canada terminated classes surrounding the arts. It’s been the goal of AUI to provide financial aid to artistic institutions around Canada, enabling the community to continue thriving with future decades.

The Arts Umbrella Institution has assisted thousands of students throughout Canada. Their percentage of free workshops regarding Dance, Theatre, Film, Music, and Art are used at 81% capacity. Parents are requested to make donations but are informed that obligations aren’t necessary. Those interested in purchasing an artistic piece of Canadian history can attend the “Splash Art Auction & Gala” on October 16th, 2020.

Famous Turkish Photographer Promotes Iranian Culture

Turkey has become a somewhat isolated nation to international & regional communities, with unreasonable hatred towards the Turkish people going throughout the Middle East. The local countries of Turkey & Iran have struggled in political turmoil for decades. However, one famous Turkish photographer wants to change the mindset of his social media followers.

Berke Arakli maintained 42+ thousand followers on his Instagram, with an overwhelming majority located in Turkey. His prominence in the photography community saw Berke create a personal initiative, to photograph locations that’d become disavowed by the Turkish people. Arakli arrived at Iran in Summer 2019 and would visit 27 cities throughout a month & a half. Notable locations that saw thousands to millions of likes included Shiraz, Mashhad, and Isfahan. Berke Arakli has subsequently gained a small following in Iran & is beginning to change their mindset on the Iranian people.

Photographs captured by Berke Arakli were taken in-correlation with Muharram, a religious event held by Iranian Shia Muslims. Special ceremonies are maintained throughout Iran for the initial ten days of the lunar month, which correlates & commemorates Imam Hussein. He’s an infamous character in the Shia Muslim religion, with Imam being a Martyrdom related to the Prophet Muhammad & his seventy-two companies.

Berke Arakli would state that the Muharram Event is magnificent, and spiritually incredibly to witness. He’d evoke that photographers worldwide travel to Iran for the Muharram Event, which often sees multiple captures become viral sensations. Arakli would then correlate the similarities between Turkey’s religious events & Iran’s, that their cultural habits are identical. These statements have been shrouded in controversy since Berke Arakli returned home.

Backing Iran

It hasn’t stopped Berke Arakli from stating his love for Iranian Architecture, and that their artistic stylings will continue to impress him through future visits. He’d also evoke to the Turkish people in their criticism that the Iranian people were hospitable & kind, that it was a welcoming environment filled with newfound positivity in the last twelve months. It should be noted that Berke Arakli travelled to multiple countries in his prolonged photography-vacation. This included Georgia, Jordan, and Azerbaijan.

Phillips Auction House Anticipates Q4 Profits

International economies have toppled over themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, with multiple businesses entering bankruptcy. It’s been similarly seen for auctioneer houses selling iconic works of art, with most failing to earn profits throughout Q1 to Q3 in 2020. There’s been a few resilient auctioneer’s that’ve managed to sustain profits, with some obtaining record sales amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Phillips Auction House maintains events throughout Hong Kong, London, and New York City. Their latest event is being hosted in Hong Kong with the Poly Culture Group. London & NYC weren’t selected because an evident shift in auctioned art has occurred throughout the industry, with Asian clientele spending high quantities of cash to obtained rare works. Their bids are regularly greater than American bidders, making Phillips Auction House – Asia Division, PAHs most profitable market space.

Higher Profits, Lowered Attendances

Since the COVID-19 pandemic became an international crisis, the Phillips Auction House has maintained an online component for bidders. This has enabled multi-millionaires throughout Hong Kong, London, and New York City to avoid the coronavirus by bidding from their homes. Phillips Auction House hosted the “Hong Kong Spring Auction from Phillips” in 2020, where Asian bidders broke financial records. The $35,000,000.00 record from a single auction was furthered by an additional $5,000,000.00.

The 2020 Phillips Hong Kong Spring Auction was hosted via the digital format. However, the Summer Auction entered cancellation status in July. Similar fallouts were experienced with competing auctioneers like Sotheby’s. It should be clarified that the Spring Auction for Phillips saw a 60% decrease in attendance. The fact that profits of $40 Million could be earned with occupancy percentages of 40%, it’s astonishing what Phillips Auction House has accomplished during the COVID-19 pandemic. No other auctioneer has sustained increased profits during 2020, with Phillips Auction House anticipating that there winter event in Hong Kong will obtain more generous funds.

Details on the involvement of the Poly Culture Group hasn’t been revealed. It’s anticipated that PCG is locating a viable & secure location that can host an auction in the 4th quarter of 2020. Accomplishing this task throughout Hong Kong won’t be easily accomplished with the Chinese Communist Party overrule.

The Digital Art Instagram Comes to VR

Experience a digital auction house during the COVID-19 pandemic with SuperRare, an online platform that focuses on mimicking art auctions with museums & galleries worldwide. This service isn’t being offered by a start-up corporation or young student that finished designing his first application. SuperRare is built & operated by well-known arts/collectors, giving prowess behind its artistic offerings.

Those that’ve heard of SuperRare know it’s an online platform that focuses on selling exclusive digital art. Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed how collectors can approach their art collections, SuperRare has become a unique platform. January 2020 saw SuperRare go viral & by March 2020, more than $350,000.00 in sales had been acquired within three months.

Doubling down on those sustainable sales, SuperRare continued to drop & by August 2020 has sustained $2 Million in sales. Their profits from those sales have been minimal at $400,000.00. The remaining $1.6 Million is awarded to the artists, with that information coming director from SuperRare Co-founder & CPO, Jonathon Perkins.

Perkins Describes SuperRare

Chief Product Officer Jonathon Perkins has described SuperRare as the perfect combination of Instagram & Christie’s (An iconic auction house for physical art). Perkins clarified that each artwork displayed is created by a digital artist & minted to ensure it cannot be copied. Having the minted status enables another first for digital paintings, with that being the capability to sell & trade with other online art collections. This means SuperRare works identical to traditional auction houses, which until now, hadn’t ever been fully replicated online.

The way that minting these digital paintings is unique, with SuperRare using the Ethereum Blockchain. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are the exclusive method in how digital artworks can be sold. This creates a digital trail that can be followed if digital art is stolen, and transparency is also given to buyers for the digital painting’s authenticity. There hasn’t been anything close to this within the online art community & SuperRare is likely to continue revolutionizing how collectors engage with their collections during COVID-19.

It should be noted that purchasing digital art with SuperRare means having the required technology to showcase that online painting. This means owning expensive 4K or 8K Smart Televisions, which is an added cost that most collectors don’t initially consider.

Climate Change Clock Created by Two Artists

The Manhattan Metronome Clock has been altered for the 1st time in two decade. Located at Union Square in Manhattan, this prominent public arts project took over New York City in 1999. It’s displayed the hours, minutes, and seconds until midnight per day. The Metronome Clock has told the time for millions of New Yorkers & Tourists, making it an iconic landmark for Manhattan.

The 62-Foot-Wide & 15-Digit Electronic Clock has faced an onslaught of conspiracy theories in recent years, a foolish concept that comes from individuals uneducated on the Metronome’s creation. It’s been believed by prominent news sources that digits represent the amount of rainforest destroyed per year or is potentially tracking the global population. Mathematicians have proved multiple times that Metronome’s Clock dates the hours, minutes, and seconds until midnight per day.

However, for the first time in the Metronome Clock’s history, it’s 24-Hour measuring cycle is being altered. Artists Andrew Boyd & Gan Golan have introduced a timeline that represents the irreversible moment when climate change won’t be solvable any longer. There’s been considerable backlash to “The Metronome Clock 20th Anniversary Expo”.

Artists presuming the timeframe that humanity has to solve climate change isn’t accurate information, and a large percentage that witness the yearly measuring timeline, will believe it real. Andrew Boyd & Gan Golan believe that there is little more than seven years available to stop climate change. Reviewing general information would’ve shown these artists that most scientists anticipate that around 2100, the effects of climate change would become reversable. Eight decades is mentally relieving in-comparison to several years.

Gan Golan calls for change

Local news outlets in New York City interviewed Gan Golan, who stated that using the Metronome Clock is their method to shout from the rooftops that something must change. Golan would then make the ignorant statement of “The world is literally counting on us”, with Gan believing that the Climate Metronome Clock will have positive implications on society. This hopeful & egotistical mindset would likely result positive reactions for Golan, with the average New Yorker haven’t noticed the timeline change when asked by reporters.

TeamLab Announces SuperNature Digital Art Museum

Few collectives are provided with the opportunity to create permanent digital art installations. It’s a format of art that’s often disregarded for standard museum entries. However, that hasn’t been the case for TeamLab & their Tokyo-established digital art museum named Borderless. After inspiring awe of the beauty in thousands throughout Japan, TeamLab was allowed to create a permanent museum in Tokyo for their Kaleidoscopic-themed art. Over twelve months, their venues would become the most-visited art installation worldwide in 2018.

The popularity behind their digital museums prompted TeamLab to bring their artistic installations to other venues worldwide. This included Oil Tankers in Shanghai and Hot Springs in Japan. TeamLab has multiple exhibitions releasing for 2020/2021. Those are listed down below.

  • SuperNature in Macao, Macao. (Permanent)
  • Forest Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan. (Permanent)
  • A Forest Where Gods Live in Takeo Hot Springs, Kyushu. (July to November 2020)
  • Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest at Musashino Woods Park, Saitama. (Permanent)
  • Life Installation at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul. (Sept 2020 to March 2021).

TeamLab Arrives in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is TeamLab’s next location for a permanent digital art installation, which is slated to arrive in 2024. It’ll follow the SuperNature Exhibition in Macao that was released this year. Netherlands version will comprise of 3000 Square Metres that maintain vibrant & luminous digital art against a picture-esque forest. There’ll be a notable emphasis on the education of nature behind this installation, working as a museum art exhibition for the Netherlands.

Details regarding specific digital art behind used for the Netherlands TeamLab 2024 Exhibition are limited. This collective is working diligently on five installations seen in Asia, the primary region where TeamLab has become popular. Through the Netherlands, it’s believed that their digital art venues could reach new heights in Europe.

It’s known that TeamLab will explore the notion of spreading & expanding the beauty of nature through their SuperNature Exhibition in the Netherlands. This collective wants to alter the perception of visitors and make them understand that global ecosystems operate in a fragile balance over millennia. Through their digital art, there’ll be an emphasis on how those ecosystems can be destroyed without the conscious growth of humanity.