TeamLab Announces SuperNature Digital Art Museum

Few collectives are provided with the opportunity to create permanent digital art installations. It’s a format of art that’s often disregarded for standard museum entries. However, that hasn’t been the case for TeamLab & their Tokyo-established digital art museum named Borderless. After inspiring awe of the beauty in thousands throughout Japan, TeamLab was allowed to create a permanent museum in Tokyo for their Kaleidoscopic-themed art. Over twelve months, their venues would become the most-visited art installation worldwide in 2018.

The popularity behind their digital museums prompted TeamLab to bring their artistic installations to other venues worldwide. This included Oil Tankers in Shanghai and Hot Springs in Japan. TeamLab has multiple exhibitions releasing for 2020/2021. Those are listed down below.

  • SuperNature in Macao, Macao. (Permanent)
  • Forest Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan. (Permanent)
  • A Forest Where Gods Live in Takeo Hot Springs, Kyushu. (July to November 2020)
  • Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest at Musashino Woods Park, Saitama. (Permanent)
  • Life Installation at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul. (Sept 2020 to March 2021).

TeamLab Arrives in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is TeamLab’s next location for a permanent digital art installation, which is slated to arrive in 2024. It’ll follow the SuperNature Exhibition in Macao that was released this year. Netherlands version will comprise of 3000 Square Metres that maintain vibrant & luminous digital art against a picture-esque forest. There’ll be a notable emphasis on the education of nature behind this installation, working as a museum art exhibition for the Netherlands.

Details regarding specific digital art behind used for the Netherlands TeamLab 2024 Exhibition are limited. This collective is working diligently on five installations seen in Asia, the primary region where TeamLab has become popular. Through the Netherlands, it’s believed that their digital art venues could reach new heights in Europe.

It’s known that TeamLab will explore the notion of spreading & expanding the beauty of nature through their SuperNature Exhibition in the Netherlands. This collective wants to alter the perception of visitors and make them understand that global ecosystems operate in a fragile balance over millennia. Through their digital art, there’ll be an emphasis on how those ecosystems can be destroyed without the conscious growth of humanity.

Art Basel Fair Cancelled in Miami

The international art community has seen a global halt to their exhibitions, with the COVID-19 pandemic evoking multiple changes onto how organizers can host supports without risk of infection. It’s prompted the closure of various fairs & expos throughout 2020, with the most recent being the “Miami Art Basel Fair”. This venue is infamous for maintaining celebrity sightings & glamorous parties that make yearly headlines. However, COVID-19 has infected the state of Florida on extreme levels, with more than +630 thousand contracting the virus. Organizers for the Miami Art Basel Fair couldn’t risk visitors becoming infected with COVID-19.

It’s a notable disappointment for prestigious collectors & socialites that use this event to rally behind new business partnerships. The MABF is one of the few instances where collectors & socialites can engage with celebrity personalities. Guests aren’t exclusively from the United States of America, with a large percentage of visitors arriving for international countries. Travel restrictions seen worldwide would evoke logistical challenges that few have overcome during the pandemic. This left organizer’s little choice but to terminate the 2020 Miami Art Basel Fair, which won’t arrive against until August 1st of next year.

The Art Basel Americas Director released a formal statement on the closure. Noah Horowitz noted that this show is crucial for artists in Miami, their local economy, and the overall community. Noah knows the impact that this closure has but guarantees that MABF Organizers will redesign & enhance the fair for 2021. It should be mentioned that the Miami Art Basel Fair isn’t the exclusive venue under this banner that’s been cancelled.

The Hong Kong & Switzerland exhibitions were also postponed for 2020 and won’t arrive against until 2021. It marks the first time in the Art Basel Organization’s history that all three venues were cancelled. However, participants in these venues will be permitted “Online Viewing Rooms” for the general public in December 2020. It’ll showcase the paintings & sculptures made by artists from Switzerland, America, and Hong Kong.

Miami Coronavirus Infections

Miami-Dade County has maintained one of the most prominent COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States. Hundreds of thousands have been affected, with other cities like Jacksonville & Orlando facing similar difficulties with this virus. Though infection numbers have slowly begun lowering throughout Florida, the P-Rating per 100+ thousand civilians isn’t low enough to justify the MABF Organizers with going through on their exhibition.

Banksy Financially Sponsors Mediterranean Rescue Voyage

August 28th marked the date when a subversive artist “Banksy” stood in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. An explanation was given by the secretive man, affirming his belief that “All Black Lives Matter”. Banksy also revealed his sponsorship of a “Search & Rescue Operation” for African immigrants that float drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. It comes after the war has stricken multiple shores across the region, with massive oil reserves on the line.

Named the MV Louise Michel, this Search & Rescue Vessel appealed to nations surrounding the European Union for assistance. Appeals requested safe passage into a permitting country and docking within 24 hours. This immediate request follows after an influx of African immigrants has been located in the Mediterranean Sea. Weight distribution has exceeded the ships limit, imposing unsafe conditions in their navigation.

Banksy wasn’t the exclusive party to sponsor the MV Louise Michel, with the Italian Coast Guard sending a ship to remove 49 African immigrants. The most vulnerable were selected & provided safe passage into Italy, where they’ll receive medical treatment after days at sea in unsatisfactory conditions. Selected immigrants that were permitted to leave the MV Louise Michel & board the Italian Coast Guard’s vessel included a Pregnant woman. There were also children, elderly civilians in need of medical assistance, and a dead body that died from malnutrition. After seeing the horrendous conditions, the MC Louise Michel faced, two other rescue operations were permitted.

Humanitarian & Artist

The MV Louise Michel is under the ownership of Banksy, the famous British artist. His explanation video shocked international communities by confirming ownership of MVLM. Banksy expressed that the MV Louise Michel is a former Navy Vessel from France, which was converted into a “Search & Rescue” boat. Banksy employs a crew that traverses the Mediterranean for survivors, which comes after EU Authorities refuse to accept distress calls from Non-European Nations.

Crew members of the MV Louise Michel were questioned on the identity of Banksy. However, nobody who’s met this mystery artist revealed his true identity. Research into the financial documents of MV Louise Michel couldn’t be found online. What was found is updated announcements that several other immigrant families were located in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

Ancient Human Culture Unveiled in South Africa

The prolonged intelligence of our species has continuously been in-question by researchers, often pondering when humanity transferred from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens. New evidence regarding that date has been found in South Africa’s Border Cave, an archaeological site that’s uncovered numerous artefacts about humanities history. Located between the KwaZulu-Natal & eSwatini Cliffs, researchers discovered evidence of grass beddings used 200+ thousand years ago. This bedding would’ve been created to increase housing conditions for ancient humans & better sleeping habits.

Researchers identified the ancient grass beddings by using “High Magnification & Chemical Compound Characterisations”. This method was possible after locating silicified grass, meaning that shaved grass was covered by silica in the ancient caves. The material was able to survive multiple millennia’s & epochs from the silicified process. Researchers took the silicified grass back to the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage, University Cote d’Azur, and Instituto Superior de Estudios Sociales. All three institutions found the same conclusions that ancient humans had layered shaved grass into a bedding fashion. These beds were located towards the back end of the KwaZulu-Natal & eSwatini Cliffs, allowing for layers of ash to protect ancient humanity from being attacked by insects.

Details Revealed

The Principal Research & Lead Author of these findings, Professor Lyn Wadley, provided clarification onto their data via research papers. She’d evoke that their research is speculation & cannot be officially confirmed because of deterioration at the caves over 200+ thousand years. The research paper indicated that this bedding worked as insulation, provided another level of repellent for crawling insects. It appears that ancient humanity built their comfort around other species living amongst them, ensuring their protection in dark corners of South Africa’s plains.

Details indicate that foundations of ash were used before shaved grass was layered. Evidence also shows that when grass began decaying, ancient Homo Sapiens would burn the grass & spread the material throughout their cave. This would assist in destroying pests, as it’d limit the food available for them within that cave.

Lyn Wadley noted that this shows 200+ thousand years ago, ancient Homo Sapiens were producing fire willing without any challenges. This fire would work in correlation with ash & medicinal herbs, creating limited health benefits in the ancient world. This new research sheds light into humanity used to live.

Chicago Unveils Plan for Public Art Monuments

The city of Chicago is iconic in American history and culture and is often seen in the news for various reasons, including its historic crime rates. After removing several Christopher Columbus statues temporarily from its public parks, the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot released a plan that outlines a plan to review the fate of many of the cities more controversial public art monuments.

The initiative is being called “a racial healing and historical reckoning project” and is designed to access the monuments, memorials, and art located within the city said Lightfoot on Wednesday. In her statement, Lightfoot said: “The project will grapple with the often unacknowledged—or forgotten—history associated with the city’s various municipal art collections, and will provide a vehicle to address the hard truths of Chicago’s racial history.”

Other cities across America are putting similar measures in place as calls for racial justice continue after the killing of several black Americans by various police forces. Last month, officials in San Francisco started reviewing monuments and statues relating to figures. Likewise, the mayor of New York, Bill Blasio announced the city was creating a new commission for Racial Justice and Reconciliation. Its mandate is to look at the monuments that populate city owned properties.

Chicago Advisory Committee to Prioritize Artworks

The advisory committee in Chicago is tasked with reviewing the various works of art that could be deemed problematic. A representative from the mayor office stated that the city will release details on the advisory committee’s finding before the end of August.

The committee is being co-chairs by Mark Kelly, Bonnie McDonald and Jennifer Scott. McDonald is the CEO and president of Landmarks Illinois, while Scott is the chief curator and director for the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. In addition to those selected to chair the committee, it will include select elected officials as well as historians and artists from Chicago.

The committee has been given four principal objectives. The first is to catalogue all public art and monuments located throughout the city, while the second is to determine through an advisory committee which requires action. The third mandate relates to making recommendations towards any new or replacement pieces that may be commissioned, while the fourth is to provide a platform that will allow the people of Chicago to speak about the cities history.

Ancient Painting Enters Virtual Reality

The Google Arts & Culture Team have worked diligently throughout recent years to create virtual reality experiences that illuminate historic paintings. The goal is to create landmark preservation of ancient & modern humanities contributions to the art community for future generations. Now one of the oldest painting’s drawn by caveman artists has been added into the Google Arts & Culture VR Experience. This painting is the Chauvet Cave Rock Drawing, which was creating 36+ thousand years ago. It’s one of the planet’s oldest known sites for rock art, with it being located in Southeastern France.

International visitors are permitted to visit the Chauvet Cave, which has been open since 1995. It was 1st discovered by a trio of Speleologists, who adeptly were named by the media as “Jean-Marie Chauvet”. It’d take twenty years for UNESCO to determine Chauvet Cave a World Heritage Site, ensuring that the 1000+ Rock drawings are protected for hundreds of years to come. Images drawn by caveman include Horses, Mammoths, Sabretooth Tigers, Horses, and Lions. These ancient paintings were preserved thanks to limestone walls in the Ardèche region of France.

Several years before UNESCO declared Chauvet Cave a World Heritage Site, the Ardèche Regional Government began a €55 Million Project that would construct the 2nd Version of Chauvet Cave, which could be easily maintained & ensure that public damage to the Palaeolithic drawings wouldn’t occur. Between 1995 & 2007, there’d been multiple tourists that purposely graffitied the ancient paintings. It required extensive restoration work that prompted the Ardèche Regional Government to begin the project. Since construction was finalized, more than two million tourists have selected Chauvet Cave Two.

The Collaboration

The Ardèche Regional Government would wait another thirteen years before contacting the Google Arts & Culture Team, requesting a collaboration that would see the creation of Chauvet Cave Three. This version of the Chauvet Cave would allow tourists unable to visit France for the coming years to witness the ancient drawing via their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

It’s recommended that everyone witness these prehistoric paintings at least once in their life, with this form of ancient art having influenced notable artists like Pierre Soulages and Pablo Picasso. All models displayed in Chauvet Cave Three are built with 3D Mechanics, giving new insight into these ancient drawings that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Vancouver Museum Implements Face Mask Protocol

An Art Gallery located in Vancouver has announced new restrictions onto visitors. These restrictions began on July 31st, indicating to guests that facial coverings are required going forward. New measures were enforced before a “Long Weekend” throughout Canada, worries followed for Gallery Administrators. They hope that with COVID-19 protocols, they’ll create safer environments for active personnel & visitors. It should be mentioned that Vancouver’s Art Gallery reopened on June 15th with minimal demands on guests, requiring two metres of distance from one another. That’s been scientifically proven not viable for overall protection.

The Interim Director of Vancouver’s Art Gallery emphasized that physical distancing & handwashing isn’t sustaining protective environments from COVID-19. He’d note that this scientific evidence prompted their decision for the requirement of Face Masks & Coverings. Diana Augaitis remarked that since reopening for public usage, multiple protocols had been enforced to create sanitary environments. Diana believes that for nearly two months they’ve been ready to welcome guests, with added measures like capacity restrictions & cleaning stations reasoning her belief. Medical experts would disagree with the evidence pointed out by Diana Augaitis.

Vancouver’s Art Gallery Interim Director couldn’t explain why she’s avoiding critical medical evidence that suggests COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor locations, regardless of social distancing or facial coverings. Diana Augaitis merely retorted that the safety of Gallery visitors is essential & that face masks will create an enjoyable experience. Artists throughout the Vancouver region anticipate that attendance numbers will deplete by 50% with these new restrictions. Diana Augaitis cannot guarantee safe indoor environments.

False Hope from Diana Augaitis

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control & Prevention indicated to Diana Augaitis that facial coverings limit the spread of coronavirus. Barriers are evoked whenever civilian personnel wear face masks, ensuring that droplets from the mouth don’t go past that protective wall. What British Columbia’s CDC isn’t considering is that a large percentage of the population isn’t wearing their facial coverings properly or removing them whenever viable. This is how COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor environments.

A backlash against Diana Augaitis’s decision continued when the Interim Director clarified that children below the age of five aren’t required to wear facial coverings. Anyone with medical conditions that can’t wear masks will also be exempt. This will create an inevitable outbreak in Vancouver’s Art Gallery.

Bristol Artist Mounts Undesignated BLM Statue

Marc Quinn from Bristol in the North of England made headlines on July 15th. This African descendant took his formidable artistic skillsets & mounted a Black lives Matter statue without the permission of local authorities. It was installed by Marc Quinn throughout the dead of night, taking photographs with his sculpture earlier into the morning hours. Following the lack of legal permission to position this sculpture in Bristol’s downtown sector, law enforcement removed the statue & relocated it to the local museum.

The morning of July 15th was a brisk Wednesday in Bristol, which didn’t deter Marc Quinn from erecting his sculpture of Jenn Reid. This woman is known for being an iconic activist in the Black Lives Matter campaign; her statue stood in-place of Edward Colston. This man was a slave trader from Colonial Britain & African descendants in Bristol couldn’t help emphasizing that horrific history shouldn’t be celebrated.

Marc Quinn didn’t inform the Bristol Council that he’d be erecting a statue on the plinth that held Edward Colston. Council members didn’t want to remove the statue but had to stand without the purviews of British law. However, Bristol Council tweeted that Marc Quinn could pick-up the sculpture from their museum, or they’d happily accept it to their collection.

An Auction

Marc Quinn requested that Bristol Museum hold a digital auction for his sculpture of Jenn Reid, indicating that funds garnered would be donated to two charities that support African history in Great Britain’s School Curriculum. If auctioned funds cannot be earned, Quinn remarked that he’d happily give it to the Bristol Museum. This shows that Marc was using the sculpture more to emphasize the importance of BLM Activists, not anger or disturb the Bristol Council. It appears the two parties are now working together to earn charitable donations through his Jenn Reid’s Sculpture.

Both Parties Address Bristol

An official statement from the Council was released to their minor population. They remarked their sympathies with having to remove the sculpture and emphasized that all civilians in Bristol should maintain a position on what happens with the plinth which held Edward Colston. Marc Quinn would also release a formal statement to the people of Bristol, indicating that he hadn’t received permission & is happy to know that his actions didn’t garner anger from the Council.

Banksy Returns in London’s Underground

Rarely does an artist obtain viral posts on social media, which isn’t the case for Banksy, an unidentified street painter that’s created notable works witnessed by millions worldwide. Located in the United Kingdom, Banksy will find unexpected locations to stuff & dazzle passersby. Nobody has ever uncovered the identity of Banksy, often supporting the concept of his secret character. Banksy’s paintings frequently relate to political statements that’ve angered members of parliament.

After not being seen since drawing painting for the National Health Service in Southampton General Hospital, the unidentified artist would’ve been remaining indoors under lockdown protocols to guarantee personal safety. British, American, Australian, Canadian, and First-World Nations not wearing face masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic prompted the return of Banksy. This became evident with his recently released video on Instagram, which captions “If You Don’t Mask Up, You Don’t Get It”. Since being uploaded to his profile, there have been 1+ million views, with this post becoming more popular than the majority. It’s because for the first-time supporters of Banksy have witnessed his physical frame, noting that this unidentified artist is male.

Video Shows Banksy in London’s Underground

Banksy walks through London’s Underground onto an arriving train, covered in medical gear to assist from COVID-19. This included a White-Pandemic Infection Suit, Gasmask, and Blue Surgical Gloves. While walking onto the train, a spray can & canvas are displayed by Banksy. He quickly begins working throughout the underworld train car, depicting rats from the ceiling. These rodents carry face masks for parachutes & dispense hand sanitizer from bright-blue skies down onto a darkened humanity. His image is meant to define how humanity has become higher carriers of disease & urban waste than the rodent.

The social media posting ends with Banksy walking from the underground train car & back onto the roads of Great Britain. The sounds of “I Get Knocked Down from Chumbawumba” is playing in the background. Banksy is highlighting here that that masking-up against the intolerant will always return to fight another day, inevitably acquiring victory. The final image become the post cuts out are the words “I Get Locked Down, I Get Up Again”. It’s suspected that Great Britain’s Underground will permit this painting to resume in the unidentified train car for months to come.

Michigan Home Raided for Selling Fake Art

The Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed that they’d raided the home of Donald Henkel in Michigan. This follows after the known artist became creating a “Forgery Ring”. Donald masterfully sold fake paintings & sports memorabilia to American civilians. The FBI detailed evidence against Donald Henkel, who sold forged copied of paintings from three noteworthy artists. The forged artists include George Copeland Ault, Ralston Crawford, and Gertrude Abercrombie. All three are infamous for designing geometric compositions that display simple shapes & objective outlines. 

Forged artwork isn’t the exclusive crime committed by Donald Henkel. The 60-Year-Old Thief also counterfeited sports memorabilia from notable legends in Major League Baseball. Counterfeited items include signed baseballs, gloves, bats, hats, and jerseys. Players represented on illegal memorabilia included Willie Mays & Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig and Alex Rodriguez.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations identified that Donald Henkel operated this forgery ring between March 2016 – April 2020. Law enforcement became aware of the criminal proceedings of Henkel through online forums. Progression in their case against Henkel wouldn’t move forward until the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s because Donald was forced to resume all criminal proceedings through digital databases. FBI Personnel swept through these databases, obtaining necessary information that garnered a search warrant from a Michigan Judge.

Arriving on-scene, FBI Agents noted an immediate influx of forged products within the confines of Donald Henkel’s home. This included forged copies of historical Mickey Mouse Drawings. Evidence shows that Henkel was mastering the signature of Walt Disney, and members of the Beatles. Agents remarked that it’s rare to see a forger go to extensive lengths to master their art, indicating that Henkel is proficient with this level of crime. FBI Agents will interrogate Donald Henkel on his former lifestyle before March 2016, possibly revealing other forgery scams.

The Community Reacts

The Managing Director of Herschel Adler Museum spoke on the forging of their artwork. Elizabeth Field emphasized that regardless of these forged paintings being fake or note, they display true beauty for whoever holds them. Elizabeth did note that mastering forged artwork on this level is the nightmare forever dealer, defeating their stronghold of maintaining exclusive painting’s that most cannot obtain.