UK’s House of Illustrations Renamed

Educational assistance for young artists in the United Kingdom is limited, with digital artistry considered insignificant compared to classical artforms. One educational facility is sustained for artists interested in graphic illustration, the digital variation of artistry. That institution was closed following Covid-19 becoming a devastating virus for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Loyalists that attended that “UK House of Illustration” were shocked by its immediate closure. Attendees wouldn’t have to wait long for another announcement regarding the facilities rebirth. Hours after the closure was confirmed, HOI Representatives announced an £8 Million renovation project. Construction won’t begin for several months, with completion slated to take fifteen months.

The United Kingdom’s House of Illustrations will be renamed following this renovation. It’ll be renamed to the “Quentin Black Centre for Illustration” and will culturally define Islington neighbourhood in London. Unsurprisingly, this name was selected to honour the founder of this educational institution. Sir Quentin Blake is an infamous artist & throughout this facility, more than 40+ thousand paintings are permanently displayed of Blake’s.

Construction of this facility is beginning in June 2021, with four buildings from the 18th & 19th Century being selected for redevelopment. An additional Half-Acre is being purchased to create extra space for Exhibition Galleries, Educational Centres, Event Venues, Catering Facilities, and Retail. The numerous additions coming to the “UK House of Illustration” is more recreation than renovation. It’s expected that extensive redevelopment will make this Educational facility the largest for digital artistry worldwide, meaning New York’s Society of Illustrators would be dethroned.

Renovation Costs

The United Kingdom’s House of Illustrations confirmed that they’d collected £3 Million of the £8 Million required to sustain these renovations. Prominent thanks were issued to the “Architectural Heritage Foundation”, which donated £1 Million towards the renovations & reopening. The remaining funds required to sustain enhancements will be acquired via Government Grants, Individual Donations, Trust Grants, and Public Fundraising.

It should be clarified that the current location for UKs House of Illustration is King’s Cross. Their headquarters had remained closed since March 2020, which is when Parliament initiated lockdown measures for entertainment venues. It’s been confirmed that reopening won’t be seen until Autumn 2022.