No Art As Great As Perfecting Your Goal

Taking part in sports comes as something so natural to some, but when you overweight like Patrick, it is not that easy. It was the only way he ever was, and he had to make peace with the fact as even in second grade the already hear comments about his weight. It never changed across the years; well, it only got more and worse.

Different in Many Ways, This Makes Staying At Home Easier

Somewhere between all this, he realised he was gay, so he was different than others in more than one way. All these ways also made him avoid sports participation at all costs, he was different, he was fat, and all that was left was to sit on the couch and snack instead. The main Goal was to Lose 141 Pounds to Weight Less than 200 Pounds

By the time Patrick went to college his drinking, eating and snacking habits were entirely out of control and at graduation, Eslick weighed 340 pounds. He now not only had a weight problem, but he also suffered from anxiety and depression. He was the only one that could change it, is slowly convinced himself that if he could only go down to 200 pounds, he will be so much better off.

Take Control of Your Life and See What Happens

As he completed college, he realised that he was responsible for his life, he was no longer a child and anything, and everything was directly related to his decisions. It was time to stop feeling sorry for himself and to start taking care of himself. He told everyone around him that he is changing his lifestyle and take-outs and eating out ended that day. Fast food was no longer a daily routine, and he had to learn how to cook.

Start Partaking in Sports to Enjoy Your Body’s Power

As the weight came off, he thought about running, which was always his first passion, he never did run, but he saw it as something that sets you free. He started running, and the more he ran, the better he felt, the weight dropped off, and he became addicted to the great feel you enjoy after a run.

He lost 100 pounds, and he found everything he always missed in his life, nothing would stop him now. He injured his knee, and when he had to stop running, he took up strength training, he was on a role, and nothing could derail him. He dropped below 200 pounds and participated in marathons, as the weight went he kept feeling better.

In the end, he did not only reach his then weight goal of under 200 pounds, but he also lost 185 pounds. He changed his life by never giving up and believing only in himself. He cooked and exercised, and he felt better all the time, it is possible, and if you continue, you will lose weight. The biggest problem is you, make up your mind and you halfway there, and then exercise and eat right every day.

The Art of Tipping A Blackjack Dealer

Many blackjack players would love to at least tip the dealer when they enjoy a great win. What stops most of the lucky players is that they are not sure how to go about doing this. There are many correct ways to tip, especially if you do it for the right reasons.

Why Tip A Dealer? He Only Did the Job He is Getting Paid For

Whatever your answer is on the question, you’re right. There are no rules that indicated that you should tip a casino blackjack dealer. At the same time, there is also no rule that says you must tip a Uber driver, your barber or a waitress. But you tip these people as you know they work for a minimum wage and rely on a tip to get by. Casino blackjack dealer falls in the same category as the rest of the people you advise.

There is No Rule Book on How Much to Tip a Waiter nor A Dealer

There is no reason to pay the dealer every time you play a few rounds, just like you won’t tip a waitress when you have a quick cup of coffee. The question of how you should tip a casino dealer was answered by a player who enjoys the game for more than forty-five years. He explained that the dealers that never smiles he don’t tip.

Those who are unfriendly, he also never gives a tip. The dealers that make you feel uncomfortable he also never tips, no matter what. But, he never leaves; he also makes a point of mentioning it to the supervisor. He makes it clear that the dealer is the reason he stopped playing.

Tip A Friendly Casino Dealer Who Makes You Feel Welcome

The dealer he tips regardless if he wins or not, are those who make him feel welcome, who are friendly and smiles a lot. There are ways to tip a blackjack dealer, one way that most players do it, is to place a chip on the table when they leave. They tell the dealer that it is for him. The other way many players use is to make a bet on his hand and if he wins the dealer receive the stake and winnings.

Base the Tip of the Dealer on How Much You Bet

The best way is to base the tip of the dealer on the amount you bet. A few dollars as a tip is acceptable if you only place bets worth $5 or even $10. If you like to place bets worth $25, then the suggested advice would be around $5. Leaving one of your uncashed chips for the dealer allow him to either place a bet with it or cash it out. If offers the dealer a choice and most of the time he will take the cash. This is an excellent way if you feel uncomfortable about the tip amount.

The Art of Sports Motivation

Whether you’re a keen sports betting enthusiast, a strong supporter of a specific team or a legendary player. Making it count is the best motivation. Continues exercising show a sports legend what his body is capable off, every professional sports star was way back an amateur. Everyone that is now a sports expert was at one stage a beginner.

Do a Bit Extra, work a Bit Harder, Reach the Top a Bit Quicker

In sports motivation, ten things do not require any talent at all, and these include being on time, effort, energy, passion, attitude, work ethic, doing a bit extra, body language and always being prepared. It is all about believing in the sports star you want to become. Most people believe that sports start greatness belongs only to the chosen few, nothing could be further from the truth, as most of the greatest also worked the hardest. The only limit there is, is that set by you, if you decided you can’t you are 100% correct, but if you believe you can, great things are about to happen.

Guaranteed: You Will Get Exactly What You Work for No Less No More

The big thing that stands in the way of achieving greatness in physical sport is that everyone is looking for a shortcut; there are none. You have to realise that it takes time to create a stronger, better version of who you are today. The result is not only real greatness but also how it makes you feel about yourself. Regardless of who your sports hero is, if you read up on his progress, he or she once was a beginner with big dreams. Your hero failed many times; the key is giving up was never an option. Athletes are not always the strongest, the most talented for even the fastest, to become a top athlete; you need to be the one working the hardest.

Train Today So You Can Be Closer to Your Goal Tomorrow

A great way to start is to remember that you only need to complete training today, what you’ve achieved today you can build on tomorrow. This is the weakest you will be; today will prepare you for tomorrow. It is all about starting and the discipline to continue, it is a primary choice of what you have today in terms of physical strength and fitness and the level you most desire. Don’t allow any obstacle to prevent you from gaining access to that what you desire; only you can decide to miss a workout. The reason to miss a workout is always there. The question is will you grab the right, or will you show your strength in continuing to work for that what you desire. Laugh at reasons as it’s raining, too hot, too cold, I’m tired, I’ll go tomorrow, they all weak excuses, show your strength, and once you are done, you will feel proud of your inner strength.

Power of Mind, Simplicity & Freedom – No Human is Limited

Four words can be found on the electric blue band around the wrist of Eliud Kipchoge, he believes in this slogan, and it is his motivation – No human is limited. It is the slogan of the greatest marathon runner.

Last September at the Berlin Marathon, Kipchoge not only set a new world record he did so by two hours and 39 seconds. Nothing short of an incredible run he also took 78 seconds off that was a previous record best to make it the most significant improvement in more than 50 years. The seismic forward step came as no surprise since the 34-year-old Kenyan had already made it public that he had the capability when he ran 2:00:25 on the 6th of May in Monza partaking in the Breaking2project of Nike. He then became the only one in history to get that close to breaking the two-hour barrier.

The time was not considered as the world best at the time due to pacemakers that swapped in and out, although this record was never ignored, and the world could not turn a blind eye. Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile took place 63 years ago and, on that day, running changed forever. Kipchoge is a once in a lifetime athlete, and he believes that his success lies in the power of his mind.

Kipchoge Says His Mind is Flexible and Free

Humans are driven by their minds, and those who believe that they can be successful will enjoy great success. He believes his mind is always free, always flexible, and this is why he always wears his wristband. Kipchoge wants to show the world that anything is possible; you can go far beyond your thoughts to break more records than you think you can. Success in the world of running marathons is a lucrative business. He won 10 of the 11 marathons he entered when he switched to road running to track running in 2013; it made Kipchoge a multi-millionaire. But clearly, money is far from the big motivator for Kipchoge who believes that what sets you free is living simply.

Known by his training partners as the boss man, his status does not set him free from doing daily tasks such as cleaning toilets. He trains way from his three children and wife, for almost 300 days in a year he lives apart from them in Kaptagat a small village in Kenyan.

He enjoys simplicity even in the way he trains for marathons, he runs, sleeps, eats, walks and enjoys a simple life. If you get complicated, your mind gets distracted. He started his running when he was a kid, he had simple beliefs and living he becomes the greatest of all time. At the age of 18, he won gold in the 5,000 m at the World Championships in 2003. Even at his first big win, he had a record of 12:52.79, still standing now and he won record holders Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham El Guerrouj in that race.

National Obsession of Japan

Twenty-four million people visited the Land of the Rising Sun in 2016; this figure hugely increases every year since and tourism is most certainly at an all-time high this year. A large part of what appeals most to visitors is the cultural differences especially concerning the rest of the Western world.

The incredible and unique blend of natural, modern and human-made is another draw for tourists. Diversity reaches a whole new level in Tokyo; it is the sensory overload, flashing lights and perplexing frantic pace of lifestyle. Most of the area is occupied, and walking includes the serene gardens while the Nijubashi Bridge is well worth photographing. The most popular tourist destination in Japan is 3,776 meters high and every summer more than a million individuals climb it.

Pachinko Parlours

Apart from all the must-see tourist sites, the massive variety of exotic foods and several other Japanese culture elements, most remembers their first visit to one of the pachinko parlours best. In Japan, pachinko is more than a national interest; it’s a national obsession. Pachinko is much larger than most individuals realise, and currently, it offers employment to more than 300,000 people in the country. Around 30 million players spend over ¥30 trillion every year on playing pachinko. The game is regularly enjoyed by over 10 million and continues to increase in popularity.

It is quite unlikely that you’d come across the game before visiting Japan, although the pachinko inspires several online slots. It all started as a children’s game, and the adult version is a blend between a pinball table and slot machine. It is maybe best described as a form of bagatelle. The silver balls are then fired onto the board and what matters most in terms of winning is the areas they topped. The number of pachinko machines in Japan was estimated last year as more than 10,500 scattered across the country.

Pachinko Style Online Slots

An online slot that impressed in design and theme is Cosmic Fortune created by NetEnt. Inspired by pachinko, the game features symbols in the shape of glass balls. Cosmic Fortune enjoyed overnight success due to several reasons; it was the first slot to offer a unique blend of five jackpots. Three of the prizes are progressives.

Cosmic Fortune Slot

Inspired by pachinko the game features a flying spaceship and during its back and forth flying action it drops marble balls. The balls need to be placed into four cups below, and this is how players win a jackpot. The bet value starts from a minimum of 0.30 per spin and can be increased up to a maximum of 30.00.

By landing a minimum of three marbles into the jackpot collector, the progressive jackpot is triggered. The number of balls that are dropped is fifty and the player need to land three balls into the rapid, mini, midi, major or mega jackpot cub to win huge prizes.

Extravagant Casinos Where High Rollers Feels Most Welcome

While the odds are great, the real serious punters will gamble no matter where they find themselves. For most individuals, gambling is a preferred form of hours of entertainment. The atmosphere and environment play a big part in the experience, which is why impressive casinos in Monaco, Macau and Vegas remain favourites.

The developers and designers of the casino have the experience, and they know and completely understand what the gambling public desires most. Some casinos take a modern approach with sleek furnishings and LED lighting. Others do all possible to offer a classic appeal via marble carvings, mosaic and chandeliers. Whether you love modern or traditional the fanciest casinos in the world will impress you, regardless of your preferences.

The World’s Most Lavish Casino

Called an integrated resort the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the most expensive, free-standing casino worldwide. It opened in 2011 and construction came to around $8 billion, apart from the casino, guests can book to stay over in any one of three 55 story hotel towers. The resort or complex also features a garden, theatres, museums, and the shopping mall is 800,000 square-foot. An infinity pool is on the rooftop; it seems to flow over the edge of the roof. The Marina Bay casino features no less than three levels; visitors have access to more than 2,000 slots, hundreds of tables and it even includes a championship boxing stadium.

Portuguese Colony of Macau Now Venetian Macao

Once it was the Portuguese Colony of Macau Now this visual masterpiece is the Venetian Macao. It is considered Asia’s Las Vegas, and this is one of the largest and most opulent casinos in the world. The casino is classified as the world’s most massive gambling den; it features 3.500 slots and over 8000 table games placed in a 500,000 square foot area. The 15,000 square-feet Cotai Arena hosts boxing events and concerts. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride enhanced by the singing gondolier or wander through the streets, indoor painted to represent Venice on the perfect summer day.

Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan

If you’re a regular on the strip, you’d know it as the Cosmo, this fantastic casino opened in 201- and is praised by the Conde magazine. It is voted the finest of all hotels in the world and guests can book one of almost 3,000 rooms. Most have private terraces looking out over the casino and shopping area.

The Cosmo entertains casino enthusiasts and everyone else via its Marque Nightclub that won the most successful club in 2012 with revenue worth $90 million. The casino is modern and sleek, and its design highlighted via a blend of coloured lightning. The décor of the casino is similar to that of the nightclub, although it offers gambling without the loud, lively music.

South Africa’s Sun City

With two golf courses and the casino built on 1,280-acres, the Sun City casino is easily one of the most popular casinos in the world. The casino hosted several Miss World pageants and is known for offering safaris and several other activities to international travellers.

How Your $1 Poker Tokens Can Turn into Thousands

If you’re a poker enthusiast you already know that you’re playing tournaments with a prize tool, the buy-in amount goes directly into the prize pool. The pool is then divided between the top finishers of the poker tournament. The number of participants that actually share in the price pot or even the percentage of the total prize pool they earn greatly depends on the tournament.

Anyone playing cash games will easily agree that the poker tokens purchased then holds a cash value. If the amount of chips purchased comes to $1,000, you pay that amount and your chips come to the same in value. The value of the chip then matches the value of the cash spent. Should the player at any stage feel he/she wants to visit the cashier to swap the chips they instantly receive their money back. Every casino utilizes a dissimilar poker chip for tournaments and cash games. Which means there is no risk of losing your cash by handing over cash for chips that are meant for a tournament that actually don’t hold a cash value. The chips with a cash value in a casino works exactly the same as cash. These poker chips, in most casinos, can be used to pay for anything at the gift shop, pay for dinner or tipping the waiters. But it is not a set rule, each operator is different, so it is better to first confirm.

Poker Chips – The Most Expensive

Notorious for holding casino chips worth serious cash value, Las Vegas is where high rollers compete. For regular players, $5 casino tokens are expensive, although Paris Las Vegas has a casino chip worth $100,000. According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, several casinos have plaques reaching upwards of $1 million, which the highest reaching $5 million. Casinos can create tokens with virtually any value, with the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission, provided they have the funds to back up such bets. But the real jaw-dropping value came a few years ago when a casino chip designer created a casino token worth $7.5 million. This special token was presented in an alligator skin case, while the chip features a collection of more than 22,000 jewels and gems. The gems totalled more than 1,000 carats and the token is meant for serious high rollers.

How Do You Turn Your $1 Chip into Thousands?

If you’re a collector of poker tokens and follows the history of casino chips, this opportunity might be closer than you think. A couple of years ago a lady added her $1 casino chip on eBay. The reserve price set at $10. The $1 poker chip referred to was from Vegas, more particular the Showboat Casino. A collector contacted her and told her that the $1 casino chip is worth much more, its value is about $15K. She immediately changed the value and at the end of the auction period sold it for over $30,000. So even if you’re not a keen player, collection casino tokens could be a great hobby, that might award you with thousands.

The History of Poker Tokens

Have you ever played poker? If yes, you’re one of many that know the excitement of staking a giant fortress of chips right in front of you. It’s a way of showing all opponents that you are most certainly a force to be reckoned with, there is not betting feeling! Not sure how many have ever stopped to wonder how or where the chips originated from or even how it came about. For those who have, the history of poker chips never started with the game of poker.

Both home and casino poker is vastly different from how it used to be played. In the 19th century, poker chips did not exist, Gus Hansens and Phil Hellmuth brought several strange objects to the game; these included gold dust and tiny gold nuggets. But it needed to be, and this was when saloons started offering to standardise objects as substitutes. At first, it included clay, bones or pieces of ivory. The alternatives were easy to forge, and it left gambling houses to come up with unique chips. Forging of chips remained a hassle until the 1880s when companies started to create poker chips out of clay, which was the start of the change for how poker was played around the globe.

Poker Chips

Most accept that poker chips are still manufactured from clay, although in addition to clay composites, most chips also contain ceramic. In casinos, in Las Vegas, all ceramic tokens are the most popular. Even today many have thought of a plan on how to forge poker chips, at a glance casino tokens and poker chips look quite similar and easy to copy. How difficult could it be, both are circular disks with a pretty design and if you could find a way to copy them, well you ready to have a ball?

Those who tried to give it a go found out that casino chips are much more difficult to forge than the currency used by America. The owners of casinos are well aware of the forgery history of poker and casino chips. Which means that the casino industry is quite careful with their in-house currency and several security steps are taken to ensure chips can’t be forged. Specific identities on the chip make it extremely easy for the cashier to instantly identify a forged chip.

Every chip used by casinos have a specific texture, feel and weight, and if anyone gets to replicate that, there is still the microchips to deal with. Just about all casino embed microchips in their chips with serial numbers, and each is imprinted with a series of numbers. But, be sure that all the details of each chip are not known and probably that information will be kept secret for as long as possible.

Casino/Poker Chip Rules

Buying into a casino poker game means you are exchanging your cash for poker chips and the way the tokens work depends on the game-type. Buying into a tournament means you might receive around $1,500 in poker chips value, although the buy-in is only $60. You probably already know that the chips itself hold no value, their purpose is buying into the tournament game. It is here where it gets extra, and therefore our next article will continue to discuss the importance of poker chips and how they’re made.

Art of Pure Gambling

The Art of Gambling article focussed on the perception that multiple bets provided individuals to invest a small amount in betting and that they could expect enormous returns. It’s a matter of investing or placing bets on the underdogs and then sit an hope and pray that your lucky stars align. In the case of 50/50 bets, your goal is actually to manage to win. Obviously, as unlikely as it is, should it happen there is the potential of a huge payoff.

Multiple Bets an Option Favoured by Limited Bankrolls

Professional bettors are just not interested in using these strategies; maybe they’ll use it on the odd occasion to have some fun. Their aim remains on making profits and placing multiples offer slightly lower odds, plus the volatility is high.

Professional bettors rarely suffer from being limited via their bankroll and multiples are known to be favoured by those with a small or limited bankroll. Experienced bettors prefer single lines; they play for higher stakes. But, there still a few professionals that are multi-bettors and those are the ones to focus on.

Multiple Betting by Professionals

From an expected value point it might seem incorrect, yet several professional bettors continue to place multiple bets, most of the time. In their cases, they mostly perform better than should they have placed single line bets. The trick lies in understanding all the downsides as well as the upsides part of multiple bets.

The downsides are the lower limits offered on individual games and the long wait till all games are completed before profit collection. On the upside, the positives include the option to combine bets, high payouts on each of the individual games plus the opportunity to bet a lot of money at the current rate by utilising the round-robin option.

The round-robin option in sports betting is a very creative type of betting, used in multiple parlays. The title comes from the round robin tournaments in which each of the teams participating in the competition plays against the others. This betting structured you avoid one big parlay, build several different smaller bets around the possible event combinations. Three is the minimum bets in a round robin although there is no maximum and it depends on the number of combinations the sports-bettor plans to wager on. The round-robin betting strategy does affect payouts but also at the same time increases the chances of winning success.

The round-robin betting strategy is a great way to mitigate losses without damaging the potential payouts. The payouts are smaller in round robin bets when associated with that of big parlay wins. By learning all the ins and outs of the round robin strategy, you would be able to construct a bet that allows for one parlay to fail and still keep the bet profitable. It requires both knowledge and creativity on the part of the sports-bettor although it is entirely possible to construct a bet of different two-team parlays.

The art of multiple betting

The most common question about betting includes whether multiple bets offer value as well as the negatives or positives of many wagers. Some serious or professional bettors claim that multiples are nothing but a waste of time. They feel that multiple bets only the reduce the winning probability while it increases profit potential.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has probably seen that someone placed a bet worth $1 and won $600,000. This is a minimal risk towards maximum return headline strategy used by bookmakers. The headline is a player-grabber and is often placed on social media. This is an effort on the part of the bookmakers to trick readers into believing that someday it could be them making this amount of profit.

The headline is useful too; everyone’s dream is to make a considerable profit from a tiny investment. Could anything be better than winning a massive amount of money from a $1 investment? Back in reality, multiples are rarely an attractive option chosen by professional bettors, many see it as an option available to recreational players. It’s an option for players who bet on the odd sports event. It’s for anyone who wants to get excited when they find a single win on their betting slip.

Multiple Betting – The Safe Option

Multiple betting is called a safe option for various reasons. It is taking the single bet you plan on making and connecting it with another. The only bet is known for its high chance of success when your prediction is current. It allows for a higher return on any investment, although the risk is completely underestimated. Placing a bet on a player that is likely to win the event by around 90%, there remains that 10% that it might not happen. It’s minimal, but it is still there, if the initial bet you planned to place had only a 50% winning change, multiple stakes could give you a chance to win on either team.

Rewards vs Risk

Multiple bets are an option in all betting options. It’s better when it comes to taking risks and only have the hope that the outcome would result in you claiming profits. Multiple bets are a favourite for anyone wanting to place bets on all the preferences if every one of the favourites had a chance of winning of around 90%. Even when every team is a favourite, their chance all of them winning is about 35%. Multiple bets only allow you to succeed on your selections and with teams to win at a 90% chance the decimal odds are 1.11.

On ten teams 1.11 equals 2,8394. On 10-fold multiple bets, the 2.8394 is equal to a possibility of 32.5%. It the same principle is used when the favourites have an 80% chance of winning, the odds end up in the chance of winning of 10.74%. When considering this and even if the teams are unlikely to lose the chances of losing are not that small.