Music Night Added to Theatre of Digital Arts

October 2020 marked the official date when the United Arab Emirates opened the “Theatre of Digital Arts”. It’s become a prominent attraction throughout the UAE in two months, with thousand of residents & tourists visiting the venue to witness digital paintings & compositions. Globally loved paintings are incorporated, excelling what’s available when visiting TODA.

Additional entertainment options for visitors are continually being determined by organizers, with the latest announcement being praised by UAE residents. Confirmations were made that live musical performance from prominent artistic musicians will be held between Monday to Wednesday 8pm-11pm starting on January 1st. Scheduling for the initial musicians performing at these live venues have been detailed, which is mentioned below.

Monday’s won’t have performance begin until 9PM, with the first hour supporting local musicians in the United Arb Emirates. Those individuals won’t have prominent names in their field. Starting at 9pm, classically trained musicians will perform solos from various instruments. Soren Ling Hanses will be first to helm this stage, playing an array of classical songs from Mozart, John Williams, Nils Frahm, and Ennio Morricone.

Scheduling for Tuesday venues haven’t been issued to date. Prominent exhibitions regarding digital paintings overlap with potential musical performances, with TODA organizers determining the virtual expo more important than live venues. Wednesday’s mark the next official weekly date where prominent musicians can showcase their talents. January 6th sees the “Suspender Jazz Trio” perform notable songs from their genre, including Come Fly with Me.

TODA Facility Details

The United Arab Emirates constructed the largest digital art-space worldwide, with the Theatre of Digital Arts sustaining 1,800-square-meters. Architects that oversaw construction combined modern technologies with prominent themes used for classical art. Visual appeal is accompanied with stunning effects & surround sound, creating an environment that seems alien. It should be mentioned that several areas around TODA are dedicated to children, supporting interactive and safe exhibits.