Toronto Transit Launches Public Art Project

The international art community hadn’t learned on the Toronto Transit Project until one month after the “Life on the Line” arts project was launched. Located on the Toronto-Yonge University subway, individuals can witness a multitude of paintings that focus on mental health awareness. Towards the winter season, multiple cities in Canada will adopt campaigns meant to shed light on mental health awareness. Between November to February, depression rates in Canada increase by 40%.

Available to view between November 16th to January 16th, this marks the second year that Toronto Transit has greenlight the artistic project. Artists in Ontario that have experienced mental health problems created paintings for display, with digital paintings being showcased across 375 subway platform screens in Toronto. It’s the Yonge University line that supports framed print editions, which are witnessed by walking around the subway cart. Toronto isn’t the exclusive entity supporting this project, with “Life on the Line” providing their contact information for individuals requiring immediate service with mental health problems. Torontonians without mental health concerns are suggested into making donations, as “Life on the Line” is providing donated funds to three institutions. Those include:

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Toronto’s Family Outreach Program.
  • Toronto’s Civilians Response Initiative.

Those witnessing the digital or physical editions of these paintings are welcomed to purchase these prints. Each dollar earned will see $0.75 donated to these three institutions, with $0.25 being given to the artists. Paintings are reasonably priced at $45.00 per edition. Estimated earnings from donations are slated to reach $5,000.00 or more from projections seen in 2019.

An artist maintaining a notable social media presence in Ontario & Toronto elected to participate with “Life on the Line”. Alexander Robinson issued the painting named “The Fatherless Son”, which focuses on young men that were without their fathers & the mental health concerns that creates over influential years in brain development. Alexander Robinson experienced severe anxiety & understands the implications that come with mental deterioration.