Vancouver Museum Implements Face Mask Protocol

An Art Gallery located in Vancouver has announced new restrictions onto visitors. These restrictions began on July 31st, indicating to guests that facial coverings are required going forward. New measures were enforced before a “Long Weekend” throughout Canada, worries followed for Gallery Administrators. They hope that with COVID-19 protocols, they’ll create safer environments for active personnel & visitors. It should be mentioned that Vancouver’s Art Gallery reopened on June 15th with minimal demands on guests, requiring two metres of distance from one another. That’s been scientifically proven not viable for overall protection.

The Interim Director of Vancouver’s Art Gallery emphasized that physical distancing & handwashing isn’t sustaining protective environments from COVID-19. He’d note that this scientific evidence prompted their decision for the requirement of Face Masks & Coverings. Diana Augaitis remarked that since reopening for public usage, multiple protocols had been enforced to create sanitary environments. Diana believes that for nearly two months they’ve been ready to welcome guests, with added measures like capacity restrictions & cleaning stations reasoning her belief. Medical experts would disagree with the evidence pointed out by Diana Augaitis.

Vancouver’s Art Gallery Interim Director couldn’t explain why she’s avoiding critical medical evidence that suggests COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor locations, regardless of social distancing or facial coverings. Diana Augaitis merely retorted that the safety of Gallery visitors is essential & that face masks will create an enjoyable experience. Artists throughout the Vancouver region anticipate that attendance numbers will deplete by 50% with these new restrictions. Diana Augaitis cannot guarantee safe indoor environments.

False Hope from Diana Augaitis

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control & Prevention indicated to Diana Augaitis that facial coverings limit the spread of coronavirus. Barriers are evoked whenever civilian personnel wear face masks, ensuring that droplets from the mouth don’t go past that protective wall. What British Columbia’s CDC isn’t considering is that a large percentage of the population isn’t wearing their facial coverings properly or removing them whenever viable. This is how COVID-19 flourishes inside indoor environments.

A backlash against Diana Augaitis’s decision continued when the Interim Director clarified that children below the age of five aren’t required to wear facial coverings. Anyone with medical conditions that can’t wear masks will also be exempt. This will create an inevitable outbreak in Vancouver’s Art Gallery.