Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio on Modern Art

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt spent a prolonged period with Quentin Tarantino, promoting their film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. The last of this promotional tour was provided to Marc Maron on his What the F*** Podcast. Tarantino wasn’t available for this podcast, allowing the three entertainers to engage in other forms of conversation. One subject that came up was art. This subject was brought up when Marc Mahon mentioned prior meetings between the actors, which last occurred at the Art Basel for Paramount Studios. This is a specialized art exhibit that acts more like a fair, allowing hundreds of artists to display their works for public viewing.

This moment would prove to be significant for fans of Marc Mahon, who has been dating Sarah Cain for a prolonged period. She’s a famous artist with exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Bringing up the subject of the Art Basel, Mahon noted that the two weren’t dating any longer. Fans of the WTF with Marc Mahon Podcast were disappointed by this revelation. Remaining positive, he asked the two Oscar-Winning Actors what their history with art has been.

DiCaprio’s Thoughts on Art

It didn’t take long for Leonardo DiCaprio to begin conversing about his father, who was a previous painter with notable exhibits. The Titanic-Actor noted that his family was the definition of hippie culture, with his father distributing and drawing comic-books for a career. DiCaprio expressed that his father would traverse Los Angeles in a station wagon named the Puss Mobile. This led to Leonardo engaging with every comic book head shop in the Los Angeles country, seeing various works from notable entertainments. Though this format of artistic expression is often considered immature, the comic book genre proved to be more popular than most and spawned a multi-billion dollar film industry.

Pitt’s Thoughts on Art

When it applies to Brad Pitt, his taste for professional works are more significant than DiCaprio. Brad maintains a personalized painter named Thomas Houseago, who painted numerous canvases and built sculptures for his mansion. However, this was when he was married to Angelina Jolie. When Mahon asked Brad Pitt if he had any new works currently being developed, the notable actor began to laugh and stated that he didn’t. It seems that his wife was the cultured individuals, with Brad being more similar to Leonardo DiCaprio. Their artform has and always will be the cinema.