The Best Cyberpunk Art in Video Games

Often people don’t embrace the artistic styles of video games, believing that they don’t contend with showcases in Paris or Milan. However, those individuals would be wrong about the beauty that unfolds with pieces of art in the video game industry. One of the most expressive and beautiful forms of video game art is the cyberpunk demographic. This includes paintings that compile metropolises with neon lights in a dark setting. Often there are slums with criminal underworlds, providing a picture with thousands of stories. Experiencing one of these artworks has individuals blur the lines between reality and this makeshift world.

The modern era allows for this aesthetic to be adopted by hundreds of artists worldwide, which has flourished the level of paintings created in this genre. This article celebrates the two best video games created that portrayed artwork from notable artists and created unforgettable landscapes.


The first of the two notable cyberpunk games we are covering include Observer. Built as a science fiction video game, it’s has players investigate a complicated murder throughout an apartment block. It was inspired by the Blade Runner franchise, meaning that deep blues and oranges are spread across a neon-lite city during the dead of night. When entering the cybernetic mode of this game, visual technology is implemented. This technology applies a blue holographic, which spreads across the layout of this complex. It creates an immersive environment and artistic-styling that continues to be praised today. Players have portrayed this art-style to be aggressive but beautiful, with unforgettable moments of action.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The second game that artistically themed around the cyberpunk genre is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which acted as a sequel to a PlayStation One game. What made the artistic styling of Deus Ex beautiful was the sepia overtone, which was displayed throughout the skyscrapers and streets. Deep oranges with light reds and violet purples created an environment that, to this day, hasn’t been rivaled. All paintings drawn in correlation to this game franchise were completed by Mathieu Latour-Duhaime, who is considered to be the highest-grade artist in the video game franchise. He is a mastermind at creating bustling, lively, metropolises within his paintings. One of his most notable works was for Deus Ex, which saw an urban jungle with electrical wires sprawling to the slums and neon-lights, paving the way from the underground to the upper world skyscrapers.