The Perfect Gambling Tattoo

Everyone is passionate about something different and also express their love or enjoyment differently. You get the music fans, those who love food, alcohol fans that could be the loudest of the lot and gambling fans. Many express their love of thing in an artistic way, such as tattoos. So, if you’re a gambling enthusiast, you will enjoy this ink inspired gambling article that offers you great ways to show your excitement. Gambling-themed tattoos are great for the more adventurous type player to show off his passion.

Tattoos, Where Did it All start?

Before you rush out to get a joker or a queen of hearts tattooed on your arm or back, you might want to take a minute to learn more about the history of this art form. The one art form that is well practised throughout the history of humanity is tattooing. The first ever tattoo was made of ash and carbon, and as the years went by it changed. Henna poke and stick tattoos are still used by many.

Tattoos, in general, is seen by some as something that suits only those with a terrible reputation. There are also people that see ink symbols as a form of aristocracy or bravery. But what counts is the facts that are part of the art of tattooing.

Tattooing Facts

Tattoos are favoured and used since Neolithic times, and some of the tools used for tattooing was found during archaeological expeditions. Some of the earliest discoveries of ink tattoos indicate that it was placed in thousands of years ago. Ink symbols found on mummies confirmed this. The word tattoo was first used in the 18th century, and it is a loanword from tatau, which is a Samoan word that means to “to strike”. Before the word tattoo was used, the practice was called staining or scarring of the skin.

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There is an endless range of different tattoos, and at first, these were made by using gunpowder or even coal dust. Sometimes people got a tattoo by accident others used pencils or pens, and then there is also what you could call traumatic tattoos.

The first tattoo artist written about was Whang-od Oggay a Filipino using Kalinga tattooing. Also called Maria Oggay she was the last mambabatock, which means she was the oldest of the Kalinga tattoo artists and while she did the tattoo, she would also do some fortune telling. The last known ink symbols she did was in 2017, and by then she was 101 years old.

Ready to Get the Ink On? Lest start Exploring the Best Gambling Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are most certainly not a new art form; it has been around for centuries, and gambling symbols are some of the most popular tattoos. The most requested tattoos, according to artists, include the classy design of the Lady of Luck, the Deadman’s Hand and Colourful Roulette wheels. Thousands of ink symbols of hearts, diamonds or spades and the four-leaf clover is believed to bring luck to those who wear it.