Selecting the Picture- Perfect Gambling Tattoo

Last week we learned a bit more about the history of tattoos and this week we can finally focus on what is considered the best gambling tattoo. The designs selected is based on statistics produced by professional tattoo artist around the globe.

The most popular of all gambling tattoos worldwide is the Lady Luck tattoo that is also seen as the classiest of the lot. This is the tattoo that most gentlemen want as they believe is that the lady luck has the power to give winnings to those who keep her close. Other tattoos most desired by males include a striking woman that is blindfolded; this symbolizes a nature of chance that is non-discriminatory. Another great option is the goddess, together with a full house and a pair of dice, which means the possibilities are endless, and sometimes the result is quite remarkable.

Tattoo of the Joker Card

The joker tattoo was famous and prevalent long before the movies, and it makes for a great art piece if done professionally. The joker is not associated with Batman at all as he is first and foremost the centre character in gambling. , and in some games such as poker, it is the wild card. The age-old saying is that should you hold a pair of jacks it is the same as having jokers.

Roulette Wheel Tattoo

It might sound a bit odd, but some of the people who have gambling tattoos have never set foot in a casino. They love the gambling-inspired tattoos that appear both savvy and cool. The roulette wheel as a tattoo option is more popular than most people would think and one of those considered as a basic tattoo. It is classic, can be as colourful as you wish, and it also offers a feel of Vegas. It is and remains one of the most requested and with thousands loving it, it might be engraved in more bodies than you care to know.

Playing Cards or Playing Cards’ Elements Tattoo Design

Other tattoos that are both popular and classic is a deck of cards, and this tattoo is most added to the chest or even on people’s hands. What it is mostly all about is to show off your passion for gambling.

The Most Love is the Dead Man’s Hand Tattoo

Classify it as you want the most meaningful or the most beautiful of all gambling tattoos. Some might even call it the most meaningful tattoo of all those relating to gambling. In poker, if you end up with two black eights and two black aces, you could be on your way to a dead man’s hand. But then it is also a prevalent symbol in pop-culture as it represents wisdom and caution. The old Western folk found different inspiration from this as Wild Bill got killed while he held these cards. It is where the combination got named as the dead man hand.