Royal Ascot: Union Jack, Fruit Basket, Shoe and Pompom Hats

There are five days of horse racing in England that everyone who is someone agrees is the most important of the year. The Royal Ascot is not only the best horse racing event it is also a major event on the social calendar in Britain. The Royal Ascot means something different to everyone, it is the meeting place of all the la-di-das, the socialites and the most flush. While some join the fashion parade to show off their designer’s handy work and talent, other places bets on their favourite horses. This continues for five days, which means designers need to dig deep and create an array of attention-gripping outfits.

Dressing Code at the Royal Ascot

If you plan to spend some time in the Royal Enclosure, which is more exclusive than most know, you are required to wear a top hat and tails. The guests dress up in everything from the latest to morning suits. The fashion remains artsy, outrageous and even extravagant. Hats play a major role and it has a definite statement to make in both art and fashion. The list of different hats is endless, there are designer hats made entirely from feathers in bright colours, others are simply decorating the hats. Some represent the union jack and others simply compliment the outfit.

Make the Ascot as Memorable as The Imagination of the Hat Designer’s

Hat artists stop at nothing to make this day of horse betting remarkable and memorable. Shoes no longer end the fashion statement; it starts it when it is the main item used in the latest hats. The shoes used in hats have high heels, its designer shoes obviously, who would parade with a commercially available hat or shoe on their head. The colour of the shoes is important, so is the added decorations that include lace, butterflies or even special netting.

To top off any fashion statement the head-wear can also resemble a bouquet, a whole fruit basket or some bronze gears most loved by steampunk supporters. The stilettos might be removed after hours of parading your taste in fashion, but the hat stays, it is the Ascot! The guys in striped and plain morning suits, some rented, and others especially tailored for the occasion remind of Monopoly guys, a visitor remarked once.

Bookmakers & Punters Dress Up for the Royal Ascot

The punters and bookmakers dress up in top hats and tails for the five-day Royal Ascot. The bookmakers are the fast talkers and some wear flowers in their lapels. The call-outs from the bookies at times tell the well-to-dos to step forward if they’d like to wager. Just before the start of a race, the invitation is a bit more direct, it even might have an urgency tone to it. This time it is gents, come on, step on it, no reason to be shy, place your bets now. By the end of the day, the bookmakers pack-up their laptops, as they leave the only thing left is a lawn littered by tons of discarded betting slips.