The art of multiple betting

The most common question about betting includes whether multiple bets offer value as well as the negatives or positives of many wagers. Some serious or professional bettors claim that multiples are nothing but a waste of time. They feel that multiple bets only the reduce the winning probability while it increases profit potential.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has probably seen that someone placed a bet worth $1 and won $600,000. This is a minimal risk towards maximum return headline strategy used by bookmakers. The headline is a player-grabber and is often placed on social media. This is an effort on the part of the bookmakers to trick readers into believing that someday it could be them making this amount of profit.

The headline is useful too; everyone’s dream is to make a considerable profit from a tiny investment. Could anything be better than winning a massive amount of money from a $1 investment? Back in reality, multiples are rarely an attractive option chosen by professional bettors, many see it as an option available to recreational players. It’s an option for players who bet on the odd sports event. It’s for anyone who wants to get excited when they find a single win on their betting slip.

Multiple Betting – The Safe Option

Multiple betting is called a safe option for various reasons. It is taking the single bet you plan on making and connecting it with another. The only bet is known for its high chance of success when your prediction is current. It allows for a higher return on any investment, although the risk is completely underestimated. Placing a bet on a player that is likely to win the event by around 90%, there remains that 10% that it might not happen. It’s minimal, but it is still there, if the initial bet you planned to place had only a 50% winning change, multiple stakes could give you a chance to win on either team.

Rewards vs Risk

Multiple bets are an option in all betting options. It’s better when it comes to taking risks and only have the hope that the outcome would result in you claiming profits. Multiple bets are a favourite for anyone wanting to place bets on all the preferences if every one of the favourites had a chance of winning of around 90%. Even when every team is a favourite, their chance all of them winning is about 35%. Multiple bets only allow you to succeed on your selections and with teams to win at a 90% chance the decimal odds are 1.11.

On ten teams 1.11 equals 2,8394. On 10-fold multiple bets, the 2.8394 is equal to a possibility of 32.5%. It the same principle is used when the favourites have an 80% chance of winning, the odds end up in the chance of winning of 10.74%. When considering this and even if the teams are unlikely to lose the chances of losing are not that small.