Art of Pure Gambling

The Art of Gambling article focussed on the perception that multiple bets provided individuals to invest a small amount in betting and that they could expect enormous returns. It’s a matter of investing or placing bets on the underdogs and then sit an hope and pray that your lucky stars align. In the case of 50/50 bets, your goal is actually to manage to win. Obviously, as unlikely as it is, should it happen there is the potential of a huge payoff.

Multiple Bets an Option Favoured by Limited Bankrolls

Professional bettors are just not interested in using these strategies; maybe they’ll use it on the odd occasion to have some fun. Their aim remains on making profits and placing multiples offer slightly lower odds, plus the volatility is high.

Professional bettors rarely suffer from being limited via their bankroll and multiples are known to be favoured by those with a small or limited bankroll. Experienced bettors prefer single lines; they play for higher stakes. But, there still a few professionals that are multi-bettors and those are the ones to focus on.

Multiple Betting by Professionals

From an expected value point it might seem incorrect, yet several professional bettors continue to place multiple bets, most of the time. In their cases, they mostly perform better than should they have placed single line bets. The trick lies in understanding all the downsides as well as the upsides part of multiple bets.

The downsides are the lower limits offered on individual games and the long wait till all games are completed before profit collection. On the upside, the positives include the option to combine bets, high payouts on each of the individual games plus the opportunity to bet a lot of money at the current rate by utilising the round-robin option.

The round-robin option in sports betting is a very creative type of betting, used in multiple parlays. The title comes from the round robin tournaments in which each of the teams participating in the competition plays against the others. This betting structured you avoid one big parlay, build several different smaller bets around the possible event combinations. Three is the minimum bets in a round robin although there is no maximum and it depends on the number of combinations the sports-bettor plans to wager on. The round-robin betting strategy does affect payouts but also at the same time increases the chances of winning success.

The round-robin betting strategy is a great way to mitigate losses without damaging the potential payouts. The payouts are smaller in round robin bets when associated with that of big parlay wins. By learning all the ins and outs of the round robin strategy, you would be able to construct a bet that allows for one parlay to fail and still keep the bet profitable. It requires both knowledge and creativity on the part of the sports-bettor although it is entirely possible to construct a bet of different two-team parlays.