Luis De Garrido Design Takes Inspiration form Soccer Ball

Luis de Garrido is the architect most known for designing the house that resembles the Eye of Horus. Garrido created a glass dome that is both water and energy self-sufficient, and it features an indoor landscape nothing short of amazing. Everything about the Eye 0f Horus shaped house is a dream. The home offers the most comfortable microclimate. Air continually flows through it and if it provides heat/light. It is built on superior landscaping, which is in Turkey on the Isla Playa de Cleopatra.

Eye of Horus House by Luis de Garrido

The multi-level dome is clad in glass and framed in steel to allow sunlight in all year round. This promotes natural hearing equal to a greenhouse effect, while the tilted louvres ensure plenty of ventilation and bearable heat during the summer. Due to the success and beauty of the design, he was also the architect of choice when it came time for Lionel Messi to create his dream home.

An Architectural Beauty is the Best Way to Describe Lionel Messi’s Barcelona Home

The shape of a soccer ball inspired the home designed by Luis Garrido and Messi and what Messi wanted from his architect were both beauty and a One-Zero-Eco-House design. The fantasy eco-mansion that architect Garrido designed for Lionel Messi, the Argentine soccer superstar, cost around €7 million, although it has everything the footballer wanted.

Many people would not dream of bringing their work home, although we are not talking about the average person. This soccer ball-shaped home is what Lionel Messi wanted. As the winner of 5 Ballon D’Ors to his name, matching that of Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one of the superheroes of football.

Messi Lives, Breathe, Eat and Dream Football

Messi’s One-Zero Eco-House was designed for the forested Llavaneres Sant Andreu landscape, situated around twenty miles of Barcelona. The house appears like a soccer ball at Birdseye view, and the classic hexagonal pattern also serves as dividers in the structure. Half the roof compromises of mirrored glass fitted into the triangular grid, which allows natural light to enter the house. The other half is covered via a green roof that leads to the main homes oversized pool.

It’s the perfect palace for the Argentinian player that sleep, eat, dream and breathe soccer and now he gets to live inside a soccer ball. According to reports, the house is quite affordable to a football player who has a net worth of €230 million. Messi’s dream house is just 22 miles outside of Barcelona, and it overlooks the Catalan mountains.

Even the plot the house is built on is shaped to resemble a football field. The designer, Garrido is well-known by celebrities, and he has designed several housed including the home of supermodel Naomi Campbell. Hired by the famous striker gave Luis de Garrido the opportunity to create one of the most beautiful three-tiered dwellings featuring hexagonal sectors, massive wooden terraces and a green-roof garage.