National Obsession of Japan

Twenty-four million people visited the Land of the Rising Sun in 2016; this figure hugely increases every year since and tourism is most certainly at an all-time high this year. A large part of what appeals most to visitors is the cultural differences especially concerning the rest of the Western world.

The incredible and unique blend of natural, modern and human-made is another draw for tourists. Diversity reaches a whole new level in Tokyo; it is the sensory overload, flashing lights and perplexing frantic pace of lifestyle. Most of the area is occupied, and walking includes the serene gardens while the Nijubashi Bridge is well worth photographing. The most popular tourist destination in Japan is 3,776 meters high and every summer more than a million individuals climb it.

Pachinko Parlours

Apart from all the must-see tourist sites, the massive variety of exotic foods and several other Japanese culture elements, most remembers their first visit to one of the pachinko parlours best. In Japan, pachinko is more than a national interest; it’s a national obsession. Pachinko is much larger than most individuals realise, and currently, it offers employment to more than 300,000 people in the country. Around 30 million players spend over ¥30 trillion every year on playing pachinko. The game is regularly enjoyed by over 10 million and continues to increase in popularity.

It is quite unlikely that you’d come across the game before visiting Japan, although the pachinko inspires several online slots. It all started as a children’s game, and the adult version is a blend between a pinball table and slot machine. It is maybe best described as a form of bagatelle. The silver balls are then fired onto the board and what matters most in terms of winning is the areas they topped. The number of pachinko machines in Japan was estimated last year as more than 10,500 scattered across the country.

Pachinko Style Online Slots

An online slot that impressed in design and theme is Cosmic Fortune created by NetEnt. Inspired by pachinko, the game features symbols in the shape of glass balls. Cosmic Fortune enjoyed overnight success due to several reasons; it was the first slot to offer a unique blend of five jackpots. Three of the prizes are progressives.

Cosmic Fortune Slot

Inspired by pachinko the game features a flying spaceship and during its back and forth flying action it drops marble balls. The balls need to be placed into four cups below, and this is how players win a jackpot. The bet value starts from a minimum of 0.30 per spin and can be increased up to a maximum of 30.00.

By landing a minimum of three marbles into the jackpot collector, the progressive jackpot is triggered. The number of balls that are dropped is fifty and the player need to land three balls into the rapid, mini, midi, major or mega jackpot cub to win huge prizes.