Extravagant Casinos Where High Rollers Feels Most Welcome

While the odds are great, the real serious punters will gamble no matter where they find themselves. For most individuals, gambling is a preferred form of hours of entertainment. The atmosphere and environment play a big part in the experience, which is why impressive casinos in Monaco, Macau and Vegas remain favourites.

The developers and designers of the casino have the experience, and they know and completely understand what the gambling public desires most. Some casinos take a modern approach with sleek furnishings and LED lighting. Others do all possible to offer a classic appeal via marble carvings, mosaic and chandeliers. Whether you love modern or traditional the fanciest casinos in the world will impress you, regardless of your preferences.

The World’s Most Lavish Casino

Called an integrated resort the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the most expensive, free-standing casino worldwide. It opened in 2011 and construction came to around $8 billion, apart from the casino, guests can book to stay over in any one of three 55 story hotel towers. The resort or complex also features a garden, theatres, museums, and the shopping mall is 800,000 square-foot. An infinity pool is on the rooftop; it seems to flow over the edge of the roof. The Marina Bay casino features no less than three levels; visitors have access to more than 2,000 slots, hundreds of tables and it even includes a championship boxing stadium.

Portuguese Colony of Macau Now Venetian Macao

Once it was the Portuguese Colony of Macau Now this visual masterpiece is the Venetian Macao. It is considered Asia’s Las Vegas, and this is one of the largest and most opulent casinos in the world. The casino is classified as the world’s most massive gambling den; it features 3.500 slots and over 8000 table games placed in a 500,000 square foot area. The 15,000 square-feet Cotai Arena hosts boxing events and concerts. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride enhanced by the singing gondolier or wander through the streets, indoor painted to represent Venice on the perfect summer day.

Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan

If you’re a regular on the strip, you’d know it as the Cosmo, this fantastic casino opened in 201- and is praised by the Conde magazine. It is voted the finest of all hotels in the world and guests can book one of almost 3,000 rooms. Most have private terraces looking out over the casino and shopping area.

The Cosmo entertains casino enthusiasts and everyone else via its Marque Nightclub that won the most successful club in 2012 with revenue worth $90 million. The casino is modern and sleek, and its design highlighted via a blend of coloured lightning. The décor of the casino is similar to that of the nightclub, although it offers gambling without the loud, lively music.

South Africa’s Sun City

With two golf courses and the casino built on 1,280-acres, the Sun City casino is easily one of the most popular casinos in the world. The casino hosted several Miss World pageants and is known for offering safaris and several other activities to international travellers.