Power of Mind, Simplicity & Freedom – No Human is Limited

Four words can be found on the electric blue band around the wrist of Eliud Kipchoge, he believes in this slogan, and it is his motivation – No human is limited. It is the slogan of the greatest marathon runner.

Last September at the Berlin Marathon, Kipchoge not only set a new world record he did so by two hours and 39 seconds. Nothing short of an incredible run he also took 78 seconds off that was a previous record best to make it the most significant improvement in more than 50 years. The seismic forward step came as no surprise since the 34-year-old Kenyan had already made it public that he had the capability when he ran 2:00:25 on the 6th of May in Monza partaking in the Breaking2project of Nike. He then became the only one in history to get that close to breaking the two-hour barrier.

The time was not considered as the world best at the time due to pacemakers that swapped in and out, although this record was never ignored, and the world could not turn a blind eye. Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile took place 63 years ago and, on that day, running changed forever. Kipchoge is a once in a lifetime athlete, and he believes that his success lies in the power of his mind.

Kipchoge Says His Mind is Flexible and Free

Humans are driven by their minds, and those who believe that they can be successful will enjoy great success. He believes his mind is always free, always flexible, and this is why he always wears his wristband. Kipchoge wants to show the world that anything is possible; you can go far beyond your thoughts to break more records than you think you can. Success in the world of running marathons is a lucrative business. He won 10 of the 11 marathons he entered when he switched to road running to track running in 2013; it made Kipchoge a multi-millionaire. But clearly, money is far from the big motivator for Kipchoge who believes that what sets you free is living simply.

Known by his training partners as the boss man, his status does not set him free from doing daily tasks such as cleaning toilets. He trains way from his three children and wife, for almost 300 days in a year he lives apart from them in Kaptagat a small village in Kenyan.

He enjoys simplicity even in the way he trains for marathons, he runs, sleeps, eats, walks and enjoys a simple life. If you get complicated, your mind gets distracted. He started his running when he was a kid, he had simple beliefs and living he becomes the greatest of all time. At the age of 18, he won gold in the 5,000 m at the World Championships in 2003. Even at his first big win, he had a record of 12:52.79, still standing now and he won record holders Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham El Guerrouj in that race.