Grand Canyon Photo Gets Twitter Users to Be Creative

A 24-year-old sports bettor who loves several sports recently asked social media Twitter users to help him. What he wanted was to use a beautiful photo taken of him and his ex at the Grand Canyon to be edited. He tried to use this stunning photo, but he wanted it to display on him.
Callum Tait is 24 years old, and after much consideration, he turned to Twitter users to help him edit his ex-girlfriend out of a photo taken during their holiday together. The picture shows the couple sitting next to each other during the Grand Canyon. It made the perfect cover photo for his Twitter account, but he did not want his ex in it.

2,000 Replies to Request – Please Remove My Ex from Photo

What Tait never expected is that he would receive 2,000 replies, thousands of retweets and even more likes. This got the users creative some just removed his ex from the photo other took creativity to a whole new Twitter level. Some of the keen photo editing Twitter users managed to add celebrities into the holiday pic, others added politicians and let’s say the whole scene changed even into a film set. Callum Tait says that the break-up was not bad, but he still thought the pic would be great with him sitting on his own.

Break-Up’s Leave You With Photo’s

Travelling is a relationship milestone, but when the partnership no longer works, you stuck with tons of fantastic photo’s that shows your ex. Callum Tait from the UK decided to like people on Twitter if there is a way out. He sees himself as creative, but when it comes to photoshop well, he feels it is not his forte. He had full trust that one or two Twitter users might be able to help him.
Huge was his surprise when he got 2,000 replies, retweets and likes. Some removed him and his ex from the photograph, but others got creative. One such artist added an image of Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister giving a flying appearance. Johnny (the artist) di add a tweet saying I could not resist, sorry. Another Tweeter thought it is a scene he could fit some of that of the Lion King.

UK Prime Minister Flies in To Steal The Limelight

Well, Gyorgi was not the only one to see movie potential in the Grand Canyon photo. He created the most realistic addition and added in a night city scene completed by Batman standing next to Cullum. The funniest is the edition by Ash that shows Jurassic Park’s dinosaur ready to bite the ex out of the scene. Rain Sayle took a different approach and added Steven Gerrard tripping as his ball goes over the edge. It reminds of the 2014 Premier League, and with so many first editions, Cullum will rotate all the photos on his Twitter account. Luckily his ex has a great sense of humour as by now she must have seen all the editions.