Wayne Rooney Gambling Scandal

The sports world buzzed as the news breaks about the promise Wayne Rooney made to his wife. He promises to give up gambling, although a gambling firm sponsors his move to Derby. As he plans his move back to Derby, Wayne Rooney tells his wife his gambling and betting days are now over; he vows that he is done with all types of gambling. Well, its surprising words form the striker especially a keen gambler that can blow up to £500,000 on casino games within just two hours. Plus, 32Red Casino is financing his move back to Derby County.

Wayne Rooney Financed by 32Red

Aged 33, Rooney tells his friends that he will form now on stay clear of the temptation to bet on anything including sports and casino games. Some remember him as the love cheat, but he now vows that he will never gamble again to save his 11-year marriage. The ex-captain of the England team Wayne Rooney Shocked the football world when he announced that he is leaving his current team, DC United and that he wishes to return to the United Kingdom. The driving force behind the decision is his homesick wife, who finds Washington to be too lonely.

Rooney and Barmaid

Rooney has not been the most supportive and his made his wife even angrier after his February bender with the barmaid from Florida. The vow has sparked chaos in the sports world as he is earning part of his £90,000 per week wage directly from 32Red, a betting giant. His promise also comes after the church, and anti-gambling campaigners strongly criticised him. At the same time, Derby told fans they are breaking the spirit of the FFP by not supporting Rooney in his number 32 jersey.

Wayne Rooney and Gambling

Wayne Rooney is the guy that can walk into a casino and start betting around £4,000 per minute on roulette and blackjack. The father of four knows he has one last chance to save his marriage and take care of his four boys, and that is to quit the US.

The United States Move

Those close to Rooney understands that the move to the US might have been tough on his family. But they believe it was what the sports star needed at the time. He finally could be himself he could go out as fans in the US hardly bothered him when he went out. During his last season’s back in England, Rooney went entirely off the rails, and the move allowed him to reflect on all that. It was his chance to get things sorted and to focus on what is essential. His family and his marriage won, and now he is ready to make the necessary changes to save it all.