Millions of Dollars in Art at the Encore Casino

Casinos in Las Vegas do not focus on attracting players with modest budgets. The millions spent on the design and artwork of the Encore Casinos comes as no great surprise. It is quite the challenge to point out one specific art piece but then again when it is a 20 feet high sculpture; the others do move into the background.

Meet Popeye the 20-Foot-High Giant Statue at the Encore Casino

The one art piece that has everyone talking is the giant statue of Popeye the Encore Casino placed at the outside entrance. The giant statue comes at a total cost of $28 million and is sure to make an impression on all visitors.

Paintings from Paris Antique Dealer

The casino takes great pride in the paintings of dainty jewellery in the lady’s room closest to the lobby. Roger P Thomas, an art guru, found the pictures in Paris from an antique dealer. There is no doubt that it will offer a sense of pure indulgence to visitors as it beautifully combines with the onyx vanity sinks imported from Italy’s Forte Dei Marmi.

Estimated Cost Spent on Encore Casino Reaches $2.6 Billion.

The Encore Casino is the new glitzy leader in the casino industry; its cost is estimated at no less than $2.6 billion. This new giant in Las Vegas is the latest 33-acre waterfront development, and it is the most significant private development in the history of the state. The casino is part of Wynn Resorts, and Jeff Koons created its statue of Popeye that came at the cost of $28 million. Apart from the giant statue, visitors are also greeted by thousands and thousands of fake jewels and flowers.

Stay Over at Encore at $650 per Night to Enjoy Hours of Casino Play.

Staying in one of the five-star rooms in the hotel starts at the cost of $650 per night. The hotel and casino resort feature 15 lounges and dining rooms, a day spa and the casino floor: 210,000-square feet.

Drinks from the Bar Available to Gamblers until 4 AM

The Encore Casino features many table games including roulette, blackjack and poker. When you get comfortable at one of the tables, you can rely on excellent service from the bar until 4 AM.

Revenue Predictions for the Encore Casino

Professor, Paul DeBolle in Newton at the Lasell College predicts that the resort will have a turnover in revenue from gambling alone of around $600 million in the first year. The goal by the Encore Casino is to have revenue of $800 million within one year.

25% of Revenue Will Go to State

The lawmakers in the state are even more conservative and project the first-year income of $540 million. Whatever the revenue of the Encore Casino is, the state will take a cut of 25% of all gambling revenues at the casino.