Rachel Whiteread on COVID-19 Challenges

Producing artistic creations during the novel coronavirus has proven challenging for nearly everyone in the field. This stems from multiple issues, like supply shops being shut down for prolonged periods and museums closing their doors. Creating these projects has turned nearly impossible for all, including notable artists like Rachel Whiteread. She mentioned that even with artists working in their studios alone, there had been significant financial tolls.

Paintings aren’t being sold to collectors and museums aren’t accepting any new exhibitions for another three months. The creative aspect has also begun to falter, with saddening headlines filling social media feeds and news applications worldwide. Finding the strength to create positive & uplifting art pieces is hard to accomplish in this kind of environment.

Rachel Whiteread hasn’t allowed herself to turn her back on the artistic community. She announced through Twitter that a £5,000.00 donation was made to the ArtAngel Fund. This charitable donation will assist emerging artists with supplies & tutorials from famous creators in the United Kingdom. When questioned on why she provided the ArtAngel Fund with this donation, Rachel mentioned that the associated challenges withdrawing during a global pandemic are forcing these emerging artists to limit their capabilities.

The financial burdens associated with COVID-19 is causing these individuals to have limited finances, with their available funds being placed towards essential items. Maintaining the ArtAngel Fund with a £5,000.00 donation provides hope to a percentage of these emerging artists.

Rachel’s Past with ArtAngel

The ArtAngel Fund has provided emerging creators in the United Kingdom with financial assistance from 30+ years. Throughout 1993, this fund commissioned Rachel Whiteread with a specialized workhouse. This enabled her to create notable pieces of art, awarding Rachel the “Turner Prize” in the same year. Nearly three decades later and Whiteread has become one of the most famous artists in these four nations.

Rachel emphasized that she has entered a limbo, where she founds her creative process being dampened by concerns over the coronavirus and future of the art community. Whiteread now wonders if the associated financial difficulties with COVID-19 will force Museums & Art Exhibitions to shut down worldwide.