British Artist Goes Viral for Coronavirus Painting

Artists worldwide have used their capabilities towards spreading a positive message to healthcare workers. This extends towards the United Kingdom, with their secretive but influential artist by the name of Banksy, releasing a new piece of artwork. Banksy had previously released artwork in April from his home’s bathroom, which centred around graffiti and went against his conventional artistic stylings. It prompted a backlash in the creative community, with Banksy responding by creating new artwork for the Southampton General Hospital in England.

Created as a monochromatic painting, this artwork is placed in the front lobby towards the Emergency Department. It was unveiled on May 12th as a tribute to the National Health Service, who’s been regularly commended in the United Kingdom. Banksy noted that its also dedicate to all healthcare workers worldwide combating the COVID-19 pandemic. This artwork was named correctly “The Painting for Saints”.

It showcases a young child that’s engaging with a newly purchased toy, throwing away his former action heroes into the garbage. Banksy drew Batman and Spider-Man into a trashcan, with the young boy selecting a female nurse from the National Health Service instead. This unidentifiable nurse wears a mask and cape, with Banksy showing that medical workers are the genuine superheroes in our lives.

The Banksy Note

This infamous artist provided his thanks towards the National Health Service by writing a small passage onto “The Painting for Saints”. The little personalized note remarked his thanks, and that Banksy hopes this painting will bring brightness into Southampton General Hospital. It should be mentioned that this artwork will remain at SGH until Fall 2020, where it’ll then be sold for proceeds towards the NHS Foundation. Considering that artwork from Banksy sells for an average of $10 million per piece, it’s expected that this specialized painting will cost collectors upwards of $15 million or more. A substantial donation would subsequently be awarded to the NHS Foundation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Southampton General Hospital thanked Banksy for the artist’s efforts. Paula Head mentioned she’s proud to showcase the Painting for Saints and knows it’ll lift the spirits of healthcare workers in the United Kingdom.