No Art As Great As Perfecting Your Goal

Taking part in sports comes as something so natural to some, but when you overweight like Patrick, it is not that easy. It was the only way he ever was, and he had to make peace with the fact as even in second grade the already hear comments about his weight. It never changed across the years; well, it only got more and worse.

Different in Many Ways, This Makes Staying At Home Easier

Somewhere between all this, he realised he was gay, so he was different than others in more than one way. All these ways also made him avoid sports participation at all costs, he was different, he was fat, and all that was left was to sit on the couch and snack instead. The main Goal was to Lose 141 Pounds to Weight Less than 200 Pounds

By the time Patrick went to college his drinking, eating and snacking habits were entirely out of control and at graduation, Eslick weighed 340 pounds. He now not only had a weight problem, but he also suffered from anxiety and depression. He was the only one that could change it, is slowly convinced himself that if he could only go down to 200 pounds, he will be so much better off.

Take Control of Your Life and See What Happens

As he completed college, he realised that he was responsible for his life, he was no longer a child and anything, and everything was directly related to his decisions. It was time to stop feeling sorry for himself and to start taking care of himself. He told everyone around him that he is changing his lifestyle and take-outs and eating out ended that day. Fast food was no longer a daily routine, and he had to learn how to cook.

Start Partaking in Sports to Enjoy Your Body’s Power

As the weight came off, he thought about running, which was always his first passion, he never did run, but he saw it as something that sets you free. He started running, and the more he ran, the better he felt, the weight dropped off, and he became addicted to the great feel you enjoy after a run.

He lost 100 pounds, and he found everything he always missed in his life, nothing would stop him now. He injured his knee, and when he had to stop running, he took up strength training, he was on a role, and nothing could derail him. He dropped below 200 pounds and participated in marathons, as the weight went he kept feeling better.

In the end, he did not only reach his then weight goal of under 200 pounds, but he also lost 185 pounds. He changed his life by never giving up and believing only in himself. He cooked and exercised, and he felt better all the time, it is possible, and if you continue, you will lose weight. The biggest problem is you, make up your mind and you halfway there, and then exercise and eat right every day.