The Art of Tipping A Blackjack Dealer

Many blackjack players would love to at least tip the dealer when they enjoy a great win. What stops most of the lucky players is that they are not sure how to go about doing this. There are many correct ways to tip, especially if you do it for the right reasons.

Why Tip A Dealer? He Only Did the Job He is Getting Paid For

Whatever your answer is on the question, you’re right. There are no rules that indicated that you should tip a casino blackjack dealer. At the same time, there is also no rule that says you must tip a Uber driver, your barber or a waitress. But you tip these people as you know they work for a minimum wage and rely on a tip to get by. Casino blackjack dealer falls in the same category as the rest of the people you advise.

There is No Rule Book on How Much to Tip a Waiter nor A Dealer

There is no reason to pay the dealer every time you play a few rounds, just like you won’t tip a waitress when you have a quick cup of coffee. The question of how you should tip a casino dealer was answered by a player who enjoys the game for more than forty-five years. He explained that the dealers that never smiles he don’t tip.

Those who are unfriendly, he also never gives a tip. The dealers that make you feel uncomfortable he also never tips, no matter what. But, he never leaves; he also makes a point of mentioning it to the supervisor. He makes it clear that the dealer is the reason he stopped playing.

Tip A Friendly Casino Dealer Who Makes You Feel Welcome

The dealer he tips regardless if he wins or not, are those who make him feel welcome, who are friendly and smiles a lot. There are ways to tip a blackjack dealer, one way that most players do it, is to place a chip on the table when they leave. They tell the dealer that it is for him. The other way many players use is to make a bet on his hand and if he wins the dealer receive the stake and winnings.

Base the Tip of the Dealer on How Much You Bet

The best way is to base the tip of the dealer on the amount you bet. A few dollars as a tip is acceptable if you only place bets worth $5 or even $10. If you like to place bets worth $25, then the suggested advice would be around $5. Leaving one of your uncashed chips for the dealer allow him to either place a bet with it or cash it out. If offers the dealer a choice and most of the time he will take the cash. This is an excellent way if you feel uncomfortable about the tip amount.