Books Part of Every Serious Gambler’s Library

Great minds have studied the intricacies of gaming and gambling for centuries, from philosophers to mathematicians and even professional players, all are interested in casino gambling books. As a keen gambler, you stand to benefit in the modern age from the accumulated wisdom from several essential authors.

Whether it is understanding online casino bonuses, gambling in general or finding sportsbooks with the best odds for baseball, with a well-rounded library containing books from qualified authors, anyone can develop strategy and skills to take their game to the next level. Your best bet is to find books based completely in reality, authored by writers not afraid to inform readers of the odds against them, some maybe unpleasant realities, and then there is the huge role randomisation plays.

The most important part remains that the books offer the truth, and for those who agree with the words of a wise man that said way back then, that the truth hurts, there are some fantastic books that come highly recommended.

Theory of Poker

David Sklansky had the idea that college kids should take up poker and drop out of school, as he was an actuarial student fascinated by numbers instead of the written word. In the end, Sklansky’s mathematical prowess led to leaving school, his goal was to take up poker tournaments, and between 1982 to 1983 he won three gold bracelets.

Sklansky enjoyed a poker career of over 30 years in which he amassed over $1.38 million. However, it was not at the poker tables he made his most meaningful contribution to the world of gambling or poker, but at this typewriter by realing casino gambling books.

While he made a name for himself in poker, Sklansky stopped participating in poker tournaments in 1991 to write and pursue other gambling games. Despite the phenomenal results he enjoyed in tournaments he loved the freedom offered by cash games. Currently, over thirteen books are available, and Sklansky praised for the wisdom he shared but also for how easy it is to read and understand.

Sklansky’s Constant Need to Learn More About Casino Games

If you can learn anything from the poker master and casino gambling books it is that the more you know and learn about gambling or anything else, the better off you are. Another hugely important factor in gambling is fully understanding online casino bonuses. Sklansky believes that if you’re better than everyone else you make money immediately, if there is something you know, and the other person is not willing to learn then he takes their money.

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