Banksy Financially Sponsors Mediterranean Rescue Voyage

August 28th marked the date when a subversive artist “Banksy” stood in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. An explanation was given by the secretive man, affirming his belief that “All Black Lives Matter”. Banksy also revealed his sponsorship of a “Search & Rescue Operation” for African immigrants that float drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. It comes after the war has stricken multiple shores across the region, with massive oil reserves on the line.

Named the MV Louise Michel, this Search & Rescue Vessel appealed to nations surrounding the European Union for assistance. Appeals requested safe passage into a permitting country and docking within 24 hours. This immediate request follows after an influx of African immigrants has been located in the Mediterranean Sea. Weight distribution has exceeded the ships limit, imposing unsafe conditions in their navigation.

Banksy wasn’t the exclusive party to sponsor the MV Louise Michel, with the Italian Coast Guard sending a ship to remove 49 African immigrants. The most vulnerable were selected & provided safe passage into Italy, where they’ll receive medical treatment after days at sea in unsatisfactory conditions. Selected immigrants that were permitted to leave the MV Louise Michel & board the Italian Coast Guard’s vessel included a Pregnant woman. There were also children, elderly civilians in need of medical assistance, and a dead body that died from malnutrition. After seeing the horrendous conditions, the MC Louise Michel faced, two other rescue operations were permitted.

Humanitarian & Artist

The MV Louise Michel is under the ownership of Banksy, the famous British artist. His explanation video shocked international communities by confirming ownership of MVLM. Banksy expressed that the MV Louise Michel is a former Navy Vessel from France, which was converted into a “Search & Rescue” boat. Banksy employs a crew that traverses the Mediterranean for survivors, which comes after EU Authorities refuse to accept distress calls from Non-European Nations.

Crew members of the MV Louise Michel were questioned on the identity of Banksy. However, nobody who’s met this mystery artist revealed his true identity. Research into the financial documents of MV Louise Michel couldn’t be found online. What was found is updated announcements that several other immigrant families were located in the Central Mediterranean Sea.