Art Basel Fair Cancelled in Miami

The international art community has seen a global halt to their exhibitions, with the COVID-19 pandemic evoking multiple changes onto how organizers can host supports without risk of infection. It’s prompted the closure of various fairs & expos throughout 2020, with the most recent being the “Miami Art Basel Fair”. This venue is infamous for maintaining celebrity sightings & glamorous parties that make yearly headlines. However, COVID-19 has infected the state of Florida on extreme levels, with more than +630 thousand contracting the virus. Organizers for the Miami Art Basel Fair couldn’t risk visitors becoming infected with COVID-19.

It’s a notable disappointment for prestigious collectors & socialites that use this event to rally behind new business partnerships. The MABF is one of the few instances where collectors & socialites can engage with celebrity personalities. Guests aren’t exclusively from the United States of America, with a large percentage of visitors arriving for international countries. Travel restrictions seen worldwide would evoke logistical challenges that few have overcome during the pandemic. This left organizer’s little choice but to terminate the 2020 Miami Art Basel Fair, which won’t arrive against until August 1st of next year.

The Art Basel Americas Director released a formal statement on the closure. Noah Horowitz noted that this show is crucial for artists in Miami, their local economy, and the overall community. Noah knows the impact that this closure has but guarantees that MABF Organizers will redesign & enhance the fair for 2021. It should be mentioned that the Miami Art Basel Fair isn’t the exclusive venue under this banner that’s been cancelled.

The Hong Kong & Switzerland exhibitions were also postponed for 2020 and won’t arrive against until 2021. It marks the first time in the Art Basel Organization’s history that all three venues were cancelled. However, participants in these venues will be permitted “Online Viewing Rooms” for the general public in December 2020. It’ll showcase the paintings & sculptures made by artists from Switzerland, America, and Hong Kong.

Miami Coronavirus Infections

Miami-Dade County has maintained one of the most prominent COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States. Hundreds of thousands have been affected, with other cities like Jacksonville & Orlando facing similar difficulties with this virus. Though infection numbers have slowly begun lowering throughout Florida, the P-Rating per 100+ thousand civilians isn’t low enough to justify the MABF Organizers with going through on their exhibition.