President Trump Angers Art Community

Thousands of Americans are shocked & angered by the recent announcement made by President Donald Trump. The National Garden of American Heroes was commissioned by America’s leader, with the President remarking this monument will tell the incredible story of the United States. Task Forces governing over the construction of this garden has been provided sixty days to locate a property & modern design blueprints.

The National Garden of American Heroes will replace dozens of statues that have been vandalized & removed from cities across the United States. Vandalism of these statues began after the George Floyd Incident, with many disputing the actions of protestors & activists. They’re destroying the history of America, whether it’s positive or negative. President Trump is demanding that all statues be manufactured realistically & accurately display the individual it’s representing.

Nationwide protests for the Black Lives Matter Movement prompted Americans to destroy monuments of slave owners during the Civil War. These actions weren’t warranted by Donald Trump, with the US President claiming the Confederate Flag stands with America’s heritage. That Donald isn’t incorrect with his sentiments; the culture associated with the Confederate Flag is sadistic & horrifying. After receiving notable criticism towards his issued views during the 2020 Campaign Rally, President Trump commissioned the “National Garden of American Heroes”.

The Arriving Statues

Condemning Anti-Racism protestors during July 4th at Mount Rushmore, it was clarified that all statues vandalized & removed throughout America from the Confederate Era will be recreated at “The National Garden of Heroes”. Hoping to avoid backlash, Trump clarified that Martin Luther King Junior & Harriet Tubman would also appear in this garden. It’s this very action that prompted a significant backlash against Donald Trump’s commission. Placing two iconic figures that stood for African American Anti-Racist Movements with leaders during the slave era is extensively disrespectful. Trump has avoided all questions that ask if this decision was based on racism.

Additional “Historical Figures” that will appear in the National Garden of Heroes include Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Douglas MacArthur, Billy Graham, George Patton, Davy Crocket, Junipero Serra, Christopher Columbus, and Marquis de Lafayette. All these individuals have disrupted African American lifestyles in their lifetimes.