Omri Amrany Sculpture Immortalizing American Sports Heroes

One of Amrany’s most known sculptures is the one of Michael Jordan celebrating his career from 1984 to 1993 with the Chicago Bulls. Omri and his wife Julie worked together and took well over 150 photographs during the games. They met with Jordan in the Chicago White Sox locker room and spent over eight months working non-stop on the sculpture called The Spirit. The sculpture is made out to bronze, 2,000 pounds, which now attracts thousands of fans and ESPN announced it as one of the greatest sculptures of all times.

Amrany Sculptured Over 165 Sports Heroes

Amrany’s range of sculptures not only feature major sports stars such as Magic Johnson, Jerry West or John Wooden, although he is most famed for the over 165 sports statues he has made up to date. His schedule is packed, and he produced in a 12 month period as many as 45 sports sculptures.

Sculpture of Broadcasting Legend

One of the latest sculptures by the Amrany couple is that of Bob Miller. It honours the contribution of the broadcasting legend. The statue is located at the Staples Centre, and when Miller was asked how he liked it, he said he could never imagine that it could be as perfect and never dreamt of being honoured via a statue.

Amrany Techniques & Studies

For Amrany it all started when he studied marvel techniques and carving in Pietrasanta in Italy, which is also where Michelangelo worked and lived. This is where he met his wife and had his first solo exhibition. Small measures of fame were gained as he created local sports figures and dancers, a group of sports teams form the United States felt his work was the best they ever saw when they attended one of his exhibitions. Which is how his sports hero sculpturing career started.

Itamar Amrany Sculptures

Itamar followed in the footsteps of his mom and dad and attended an art school in London where he earned his master’s degree in science. Apart from assisting his parents in the studio he also entered a statue built competition based on a statue of Johnny Cash to be placed at the Californian Folsom Prison. The competition was won by another artist working at the Amrany Studio and once he won he convinced the city to increase the size of the statue to 50 feet instead of 25 feet. Today it is one of the major tourist attractions and the garden around it offers passers-by the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a picnic or just to listen to music.

Some of the statues by Amrany includes the 18-foot statue of a Riders Football player placed outside the Mosaic Stadium,  the Drumbeat of the Lumberjack Band statue placed at the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza and the Shaquille O’Neal sculpture that features a basketball legend, this sculpture is found at the Staples Centre.