Great Novels Inspired By Gambling

Great works of literature have the ability to captivate their readers with a sense of intrigue and magic. It is often so inspiring due to the fact that the authors of these written works of art and inspiration, penned down reflections of their true experiences. Some of these great works aren’t necessarily written in order for the reader to relate to the story, but often to provide an escape from everyday life into the story. These great works below are those which deliver on this great escape into a world of magic and fantasy.

The Gambler

This masterpiece was written by the Russian author in order to accrue the needed funds to pay for his gambling debt which was the result of his unhealthy affair with the roulette tables. Dostoevsky was a regular patron at the most glamorous casinos in Europe including Baden Baden and St Petersburg. These places were the inspiration for the story which tells an aristocratic story of love. The story is complex and keeps readers engaged with many unexpected twists in the road after the protagonist of the tale placed bets on the roulette table on behalf of all the women he once adored. Also included in the brilliance of Dostoevsky’s storytelling is a great dash of Russian humuor.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Raoul Duke is in Las Vegas in search of the elusive American dream. The time period is set in a post-war era and the storyline is riddled with absurdities, indeed delivering on complete madness in a printed format. The story is taking the reader from absurdity to some hilarious moments and in the end, the entire work delivers a peek into the core of the American psyche.

Casino Royale

Can anybody else convey the glamour of the gambling industry like our favourite secret agent, 007 does? This was the first-ever Bond novel written by Flemming and it portrays the glitz and glamour of casino life. This novel has been the inspiration of not only a silver screen production, but indeed also shaped the world of casinos globally. It served as an inspiration for what is possible and the industry aimed to deliver on the escape created in the pages of this brilliant novel.

Monsieur X

From as recent as 2018, this young addition to the list reflects the true-life story of a very rich and truly intelligent Frenchman. He successfully manages to outplay the state and with many clever tactics manages to rake in millions which in the end delivers a life of immaculate luxury. His clever tactics weren’t appreciated by the state-owned casinos in France and it resulted in the government changing the set rules for gambling, simply to avoid losing more money to him. This decision portrays then Monsieur X as the underdog in the French culture.