Berlin Art Fair Cancelled

The German Art Community has begun to express their sadness towards the loss of the Berlin Art Fair. The parent company revealed that they had cancelled all future editions of the art showcase, which was prompted by a loss of funds and artist stability. The Art Berlin Fair is considered to be one of the world’s most significant contemporary and modern art events. It had gained substantial popularity after three years of proper operation, showing more than 1000 Galleries in its existence. The last Berlin Art Fair was at the Tempelhof International Airport in September 2019, where 110 Galleries were showcased to the public.

The parent company, the Koelnmesse Organizing Group, made this announcement on December 12th. They had purchased the Berlin Art Fair in 2016, where it was then known at the Art Berlin Contemporary. For more than ten years, this organization maintained eighty art trade fairs nationwide. This includes the Cologne Fine Art of Design and Art Fair De’ Cologne. The organizing group also noted that the Tempelhof International Airport, which has been abandoned of flights for more than a decade, ceased being a viable headquarters for the Berlin Art Fair. This was prompted by a lack of funds, causing the airport’s authority to deem the associations 2021 offer unsatisfactory.

The Available Galleries

The Chief Executive Officer for the Koelnmesse Organizing Group provided a public statement regarding the situation of the fair. He noted that under the conditions provided by the Tempelhof International Airport. The CEO also doesn’t see any possibility where future events can be organized towards the expectations of art fanatics worldwide. He then mentioned how they are focusing their efforts towards the Cologne Art Fairs, which still are maintained in Germany. Subsequently, fans of the Koelnmesse Organizing Group’s art showcases don’t have to go without their beauty. However, the loss of the Berlin Art Fair is still a significant one. We can only hope that the Tempelhof International Airport can reaccept a future bid or another location in the Berlin area can be located. Until then, the final Berlin Art Week will take place in September 2020.

Those wanting to visit the final rendition of the Berlin Art Fair can anticipate some of the nation’s most beloved artists. Those include Bastian, Michael Janssen, Karin G√ľnther, and Steve Turner. The most popular of which is Steve Turner, who is known for his outstanding contemporary pieces. His most famous pieces of art include “Off Balance, and Surface Tension.”