When Sports Becomes Art

Sports was never all about winning it has always supported those who are amazing at sports. It is more about the stars that exhibit brilliance. It is about the legacy left behind by those brilliant at chasing the ball, handling the racket with such skill and breaking records.

There is a saying that losers are forgotten, and winners are remembered forever, although it takes a very special individual to create a memory that remains in the memory of sports lovers. It basically takes a sports star that produces a sports moment that qualifies as an artistic masterpiece, stars that take the risk to create unforgettable moments and gives true beauty to the art of sports. There are many sports stars that have achieved this artform, although it is the greats that are remembered for centuries.I

Rodger Federer Brings Style to the Tennis Arena

One of the greats that will be remembered by his art form for many centuries to come is Rodger Federer. He possesses a distinctive style and character that brightens up the tennis arena. As the only player part of the current generation, Federer is the only one to perfectly combines power hitting with a classic tennis style, which no associates the sport as a modern game.

Known for his grace, the Swiss mast is also adorned for his attacking instinct, which ensures he remains unmatched on the court. His remarkable array of shots is certainly unfound in any coaching manual, but again so is his ability to improvise within a split second. His career is scintillating, and at 32 years of age, he had captured no less than 17 Grand Slam titles in singles.

Rodger Federer’s one-handed backhand remains spectacular, even when his best days are something of the past, he is still one of the greats and will always remain the greatest tennis star Wimbledon have seen, while he is the one player anyone who had the pleasure of watching will remember. Are the tennis greats a dying breed or could we approach an era where Federer’s rare talent could be mirrored?

Lionel Messi the Football Wizard

Everyone knows that there is hardly anything as challenging as scoring a goal, well unless you have the talent equal to that of the man who is rightfully called the Argentinian Wizard of Football. Lionel Messi is a young talent that is 5ft7 although he stands tall when it comes to remarkable players.

Winning four consecutive FIFA World Player of the Year Awards is but one of the acknowledgements of his truly rare talent. It might even be called the highlight of his career, but only once you witness this artist glide across the turf, twinkle toe he leads past the opponents and then perform his victory dance, will you know what it means when Messi is called the wizard that possesses unmatched talent.

Ramy Ashour The Man: The Legend that Squashed All Previous Records

Not many might know Ashour, and that is because one is not one of the most popular or most spectator attraction, although when Ramy is playing it becomes the most spectacular sport to watch.  He is a phenomenal shot maker, and he is said to be the man made of elastic due to his impressive, amazing and dynamic movements. Ramy Ashour remains unbeaten for more than 49 games and will remain the guy remembered for his wonderful talents a true champion that mastered the art of squash.