Vincent Van Gogh Artwork Stolen

The Singer Laren Art Museum in Amsterdam has experienced unexpected circumstances throughout COVID-19. This museum was forced to shutdown by March 12th, with everything seemingly appearing alright until April 3rd. This marked the date that criminals entered this facility during the night, breaking one of the glass windows. They stole an oil painting from 1884, which was drawn from Vincent Van Gogh. This artwork piece is named “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring”. Whomever stole this property will be disappointed to learn it’s never been appraised, meaning its street value is minimal. However, pieces from Vincent Van Gogh have acquired upwards of $30 Million during auctions.

The Director of the Singer Laren Art Museum, Jan Rudolph de Lorn, mentioned her anger towards this situation during a virtual press conference. Jan expressed how pissed off and shocked she has become over this situation. That art is meant in create inspiration and bring joy to millions worldwide. It’s meant to be shared amongst society and not stolen during an unprecedented time like COVID-19.

This isn’t the 1st instance where criminal associates have taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout February, a Stockholm Museum experienced a robbery. Thieves stole a specific piece of art, with the remaining collection being stolen. These individuals hoped that it’d set investigators into disarray. Considering that this singular art piece hasn’t been found, that shows law enforcement that black market auctions haven’t begun. An additional robbery happening throughout Europe extended towards the Oxford College in Great Britain. They had three paintings from the 16th & 17th Century, with law enforcement unable to determine who the criminal masterminds were.

Jordan Arnold

This prompted the employment of Jordan Arnold, the chief executive officer with the Art Recovery International Institution. He reviews risk advisories with the K2 Intelligence Software. These technologies allow for criminals to be found, it’s expected that the Singer Laren Art Museum and Stockholm Art Museum will require the assistance of Jordan Arnold as well. It’ll be nearly impossible for criminals to ship these illegal works or cross international borders. Limitations on travelling across borders includes by vehicle only, with proof being required behind your essential role in another country. Jordan monitoring this situation will reveal this criminal once they make their first move.