The Digital Art Instagram Comes to VR

Experience a digital auction house during the COVID-19 pandemic with SuperRare, an online platform that focuses on mimicking art auctions with museums & galleries worldwide. This service isn’t being offered by a start-up corporation or young student that finished designing his first application. SuperRare is built & operated by well-known arts/collectors, giving prowess behind its artistic offerings.

Those that’ve heard of SuperRare know it’s an online platform that focuses on selling exclusive digital art. Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed how collectors can approach their art collections, SuperRare has become a unique platform. January 2020 saw SuperRare go viral & by March 2020, more than $350,000.00 in sales had been acquired within three months.

Doubling down on those sustainable sales, SuperRare continued to drop & by August 2020 has sustained $2 Million in sales. Their profits from those sales have been minimal at $400,000.00. The remaining $1.6 Million is awarded to the artists, with that information coming director from SuperRare Co-founder & CPO, Jonathon Perkins.

Perkins Describes SuperRare

Chief Product Officer Jonathon Perkins has described SuperRare as the perfect combination of Instagram & Christie’s (An iconic auction house for physical art). Perkins clarified that each artwork displayed is created by a digital artist & minted to ensure it cannot be copied. Having the minted status enables another first for digital paintings, with that being the capability to sell & trade with other online art collections. This means SuperRare works identical to traditional auction houses, which until now, hadn’t ever been fully replicated online.

The way that minting these digital paintings is unique, with SuperRare using the Ethereum Blockchain. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are the exclusive method in how digital artworks can be sold. This creates a digital trail that can be followed if digital art is stolen, and transparency is also given to buyers for the digital painting’s authenticity. There hasn’t been anything close to this within the online art community & SuperRare is likely to continue revolutionizing how collectors engage with their collections during COVID-19.

It should be noted that purchasing digital art with SuperRare means having the required technology to showcase that online painting. This means owning expensive 4K or 8K Smart Televisions, which is an added cost that most collectors don’t initially consider.