Style Stakes, Spectators, Fashion and Horse Racing

Who could ever have imagined that the relationship between women’s fashion, which is a refined art form and horseracing could become as vital as it did? There are not much that exists in the form of literature regarding the actual clothes that women wore over the ages to huge betting events such as horse racing.

Getting Your Wardrobe Horse-Racing Event Ready

Maybe it is not only horse racing events that require you to study the latest style trends but also F1 racing; the Monaco race comes to mind. But for now, we stick to racegoers in the United States to learn more about the art of getting your wardrobe to cater for the sporting spectatorship.

Climatic Condition Impacts on the Art of Dressing Up for the Races

The first thing to take into consideration is the climatic conditions part of the art of dressing for the race-going occasion. It is outdoors and to be photo-ready and wore well enough to appear in the fashion magazines, well it could be quite the challenge. New York is one of the leading centres where the next or new sporty trends are set, regardless of the art form you are thinking about whether it is sportswear or the clothes you’d wear to a race.

1936, What Did the High-Society Wear to the Races?

There is one way to try and find out just what the well-to-do considered fashion years ago, but not all charity shops stock such as old fashion. In New York City, you could find such displays in a few glass cabinets. The front of the shop also displays a few photographs taken in 1936 at the Epson racecourse, so you do get a glimpse of the fashion in the UK, at the time.

Do You Have the Eye of an Artist – It All Counts, Hairdo’s, Perfume & Headgear?

If you love historical artforms, what could be better fashion that of the rich who had all the money they could spend on dressing up for horse racing events? Dressing up is an art form that includes all types of bodily adornments such as hairstyles, perfumes and headgear. In high-society social circles it the race day attire signifies status and wealth.

Dressing Up is an Artform that Signifies Your Wealth Status

There is one thing you can’t overlook, and that is that when you belong to such a restrictive environment, you need to present yourself accordingly, membership is not enough your dress display makes the difference. Whether the dress code states formal or informal, you know it is all about the societal expectations. Racecourse dressing codes have little to do with the symbolic and the material or artform of styling, which matters.

There are many articles written about the psychological and emotional attachments of such fashion. The human desire is to present a tremendous visual shape to what will be remembered later. What is most important in the way of art is the contribution the attendants make to this high-class event.