Steampunk Cultural Phenomena

Steampunk is the most influential and largest cultural phenomena ever and probably one of the most established art forms, it enjoys the most interest, most respect and attracts the largest fan base at festivals and exhibitions around the globe.

Whether you are an art collector or just love something new and unique, steampunk is the way to go, but many are still trying to figure it all out, they fascinated by the art form, yet lack the background on it.

Steampunk Excitement

Steampunk is a fusion of fashion, art, inspired by the industrial revolution, it’s a form of past technology such as Tesla coils and steam engines brought back to life via nostalgic futurism. It beautifully blends industrial with Victorian art, enhanced by futuristic concepts, using several machine parts like rivets, cogs and clockwork and blends it with laboratory equipment adding robotics.

It is a fabulous ultra-modern throwback design form that delights via the brutality of the steam ages, invoked by imagination with a touch of romance. Steampunk was first a subset of fiction, more accurately science fiction in the 1980s, yet it attracted so much attention that it is now the latest trend used in art, fashion and movies.

What it strives for is historical accuracy, at the inventiveness, modifying technological devices into retro-futuristic elements, such as laptops and electric guitars, drawing inspiration from the Victorian era.

Steampunk Fashion

Never has art influenced fashion as strongly as steampunk, Victorian styled dresses enhanced by the use of different materials. Brass is a favourite, while the style also includes military elements with leather boots decorated with gears, while accessories include sunglasses influenced by safety equipment of pilots. It offers fashion designers a whole new era to explore, while thousands dress up and wear helmets that reminds of war and ancient diving equipment.

Steampunk Materials

Steampunk is all about original parts, and objects from the Victoria area, re-imagined, the most used materials include iron, steel, copper and brass or any other industrial metals combined with fabric, wood, and printed designs with a Victorian feel. It is basically the most exciting combination of industrial blended with mechanical blended with animal skins, natural elements and driftwood.

Steampunk – The Inspirations

Inspired by technology, literature, art, design, early 20th century and the Victorian era mixed with science fiction and a whole lot of imagination, Steampunk explores technology via a dystopian view on the future. It enables artist and designers to explore a whole new range of themes, its combining forms and functionality, most of the objects previously served a purpose in either the military or industrial eras have gone by. Its loved by everyone interested in the heavy metals used for diving suits ages ago, steam train enthusiasts, those who still value the Victorian style and everyone who enjoy exploring new combinations with a touch of style, classic charm and industrial all combined into one of the most exciting designs and art forms of our time.