Spanish Archaeologist Arrested for Falsifying Findings

Roman artefacts have now been documented as falsified, prompting the arrest & imprisonment of the Spanish Archaeologist that deface priceless artworks from the Roman Era. This defacing was accomplished in hopes of becoming famous in the Archaeologist field. Several artefacts were destroyed by Eliseo Gil, with this man obtaining 2+ years in prison for falsifying hundreds of records. Charges also included the defacing of Roman artefacts.

Evidence from Archaeologist experts noted that details in Eliseo Gil’s findings weren’t possible, including the Basque Language being written 600 years before its creation. Gil hasn’t appeared remorseful for committing these crimes, which are now considered the most substantial manipulations in Roman Archaeology.

Law enforcement contested in court that this man should see the maximum prison time available. However, evidence was circumstantial & didn’t prove that Eliseo himself had conducted these acts. The defence claimed that other members in the community had tampered with these Roman artefacts before Eliseo Gil located them. It’s what prompted the two years & three months prison sentence.

The History

Eliseo Gil made international headlines in 2006 when unveiling his excavation findings. Located in Velia, the artefacts found would rewrite history books in the region for a short period. Experts noted by 2008 that multiple discrepancies were found with these artefacts. That included modern glue being found in lab samples, and then “RIP” was located on Christian artefacts. Considering that Christian faith doesn’t believe in using this acronym on their tombstones, experts knew this to be falsified.

The crucifixion design & RIP letterings were drawn onto a broken Roman vase, which would be tested through lab samples. Modern glue designed from China was traced & then the manufacturer located. Their manufacturing recipe was identical to the adhesive used by Eliseo Gil. It’s this evidence that prompted a decade-long investigation into this Archaeologist, with him continuously protesting any involvement with this matter.

It’s suspected that his license to headline Archaeologist Dig Sites won’t be permitted moving forward. It should be mentioned multiple other men involved with assisting Eliseo Gil in his criminal actions were arrested as well. These individuals knowingly were aware of what the Archaeologist had done.