Portland Millionaire Create Artistic Home

Most homeowners would be shocked to find out the associated cost of owning property in Portland, Oregon. The area has become infamous for the overpriced property, with this becoming an overall norm across North America. Most individuals wanting to purchase property are concerned with the growing rates. However, one millionaire in Portland doesn’t have any problems selling an overpriced and unneeded home.

Information from the TVA Architecture Firm expressed that they’re selling a mansion located in the Forest Park Region on 5,200 acres for an asking price of $8.65 million. The previous owner is Ned Vaivoda, who has spent several years crafting the blueprints for this project. Subsequently, this home will be unlike any other structure built in the modern era. Terry Sprague, the real estate broker selling this property, said it’s unlike anything he’s ever witnessed and that’s it’s a piece of art. Whoever purchases this property should know it took five years until build completion, which ended in November 2003.

The Vision

When Ned Vaivoda completed this three story residence, it stood with twelve thousand square footage. Its physical design is meant to resemble stone walls from ancient architecture, with modern elements that were far beyond their time, implemented into the home as well. Nearly two decades later and this home remains more current than standard residences built by large-scale developers. Terry Sprague expressed that anybody purchasing this property must have an appreciation for history and art, this is a pre-requisite for the current homeowners.

The emotional connection associated with this property has forced Ned Vaivoda to be particular with whom purchases this property. The architect expressed that he spent more than several hundred hours designing the angles and curves of this home before it was finally constructed. Unfortunately, family obligations are forcing him to sell this dream home. Ned noted that with the money earned, he’ll develop a new property that compiles new visions for the future modern era. It’s for this exact reason that the TVA Architecture