Nazi Submarine Factory Becomes Digital Art Venue

The Third Reich was destroyed by the Allied Forces 75 years ago, with their acts forever being remembered in history. People still use fallen vehicles, submarines, and ships that were used by the Nazis for a variety of reasons that would’ve angered Adolf Hitler. The latest comes in the form of the U-Boat Nazi Submarine Factory, with forty-one thousand square metres being used to showcase a digital art centre. It’s now considered the most prominent digital art centre worldwide & is located at the Bordeaux Docks in France.

German Nazis occupied France throughout 1941 & 1943; it’d be this occupation that saw North America enter World War II. Their assistance alongside the British Armed Forces allowed to Nazis to ultimately be deterred from Frances borders, allowing freedom to resume after a horrendous period of history. While occupying French Territory, the Nazis built a submarine factory that consumed 40+ thousand square metres of space. Its unique environment combines dark areas & ominous flowing water throughout this digital art venue.

This art venue is located inside “The Bassins” of this factory, which is where U-Boats would be launched after production. It’s 110-Metres and has significantly sized pools that would hold sixteen Nazi Submarines—implementing this space to showcase “The Kiss by Adele Bloch-Bauer”, which is a famous painting that’s been transferred into the digital era. Once stolen by the Third Reich in the 1940s, this painting can now be viewed in a manner never-before-seen. All while eighty hidden speaks play classical music from Beethoven, Mahler, and Wagner.

Coronavirus Restrictions

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced this art venue to be delayed by two months. Initially slated to arrive in late May, it wouldn’t first be seen by public attendees until June 12th. Those that wanted to witness this incredible digital art venue were informed that multiple social distancing measures are being enforced. Wearing protective face equipment was required, including temperature checks upon the attendee’s arrival.

Potential attendees were also informed that bookings must be made pre-emptively, lasting a maximum of half-an-hour. These measures haven’t stopped hundreds in France from making their bookings. Lockdown restrictions in France have forced many to remain indoors for prolonged periods. This’ll be the first event where they can escape, with The Kiss by Adele Bloch-Bauer Digital Art Venue being a perfect choice.