National Arts Drive Announced by RAW Artists

The development of art in rural communities throughout North America can reunite the people. Multiple institutions are engaging with new formats to showcase art based on recent events in 2020. RAW Artists is the most influential institution creating a showcase venue, which will be formatted in a manner never-before-seen. Artistic individuals working with RAW in the United States, Mexico, and Canada will display their pieces of art from their homes. The venue is being called the RAW National Arts Drive, where it’ll be held across these three nations on June 6th. Artwork will be seen from Front Lawns, Driveways, Balconies, and Rented Commercial Space. Local musicians will also be playing their latest songs to those passing by. This is the perfect way to display art with social distancing in mind.

The artistic stylings seen throughout Canada will resemble true isolation, with the overwhelming majority remaining indoors under the enforced social distancing measures. American artwork relating to COVID-19 will mimic the desire for freedom, breaking from the enacted legislation and avoiding policies like their president. Mexicans participating in the National Arts Drive are suspected to relate towards the protection of families, essence of religion, and unfavourable health care conditions.

The Executive Director of RAW Artists clarified that resources are available for supporting artists. It’ll provide them with the necessary tools to create paintings, which will include canvases and utensils. Those traversing through the neighbourhoods where the National Arts Drive are located will notice that these paintings are available for purchase. All pictures sold will have their funds donated towards COVID-19 Relief Aids.

Successor Failure?

It’s unknown if the National Arts Drive will be successful. These artists are dependent on letting their communities know about the upcoming festival of art. A significant factor that’ll boost their popularity in rural communities across North America is the NAD Application. Visitors can learn detailed information regarding the paintings they visit, provide comments similar to social media, and even follow those individuals on Instagram. This method of contact is unlike anything else that’s ever been seen in the art community. It could revolutionize how GenX Artists approach their supporters.