Mona Lisa Displayed via Virtual Reality

The rapid advancements in virtual reality technology are enabling new forms of education to be provided to the masses. One such instance of this educational format is with Galleries and Museums, who have begun adopting VR to educate their guests. It’s a specialized form of entertainment that enables individuals to escape the crowds and get a more in-depth insight into paintings in the museum or gallery. However, there are low percentages of artists that are adopting this technology. Subsequently, the Muse du Louvre is encouraging local artists to educate themselves on this technology to assist the masses with learning about artworks.

Painting Details

This isn’t the first time that the Muse du Louvre Museum has engaged with virtual reality. For the last three months, they have maintained a new exhibit centered around the Mona Lisa Painting and Virtual Reality. It’s named Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass and has guests use the HTC Vive to traverse a small room with detailed information on the painting’s past. Its total length is several minutes, acting as one of the most significant digital experiences created for the 2019 – 20 Season. It’s anticipated that numerous other museums will begin adopting this Virtual Reality Exhibit, which will enable art fanatics worldwide to see the Mona Lisa without ever being in France. 

When the program begins on the HTC Vive, the scene starts with the Mona Lisa appearing behind a glass casing. Surrounding that casing are crowds of visitors, who disappear without a trace. This gives consumers a much more electric vibe to the experience, where the painting feels like your own for several minutes. After the time is up, the ghostly bodies of visitors return near the painting. This informs guests that the next person in line is ready.

Consumer Availability

Genuinely, this is a breathtaking technology that’s being maintained in the most professional of manners. The HTC Corporation confirmed that a consumer-available version of this program would be released in 2020. Anyone owning one of the HTC Vive Cosmo Headsets, which sells for $700.00, can experience the Mona Lisa for themselves in the coming months. This product can be purchased at any Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop, or BestBuy across the nation.