How Your $1 Poker Tokens Can Turn into Thousands

If you’re a poker enthusiast you already know that you’re playing tournaments with a prize tool, the buy-in amount goes directly into the prize pool. The pool is then divided between the top finishers of the poker tournament. The number of participants that actually share in the price pot or even the percentage of the total prize pool they earn greatly depends on the tournament.

Anyone playing cash games will easily agree that the poker tokens purchased then holds a cash value. If the amount of chips purchased comes to $1,000, you pay that amount and your chips come to the same in value. The value of the chip then matches the value of the cash spent. Should the player at any stage feel he/she wants to visit the cashier to swap the chips they instantly receive their money back. Every casino utilizes a dissimilar poker chip for tournaments and cash games. Which means there is no risk of losing your cash by handing over cash for chips that are meant for a tournament that actually don’t hold a cash value. The chips with a cash value in a casino works exactly the same as cash. These poker chips, in most casinos, can be used to pay for anything at the gift shop, pay for dinner or tipping the waiters. But it is not a set rule, each operator is different, so it is better to first confirm.

Poker Chips – The Most Expensive

Notorious for holding casino chips worth serious cash value, Las Vegas is where high rollers compete. For regular players, $5 casino tokens are expensive, although Paris Las Vegas has a casino chip worth $100,000. According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, several casinos have plaques reaching upwards of $1 million, which the highest reaching $5 million. Casinos can create tokens with virtually any value, with the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission, provided they have the funds to back up such bets. But the real jaw-dropping value came a few years ago when a casino chip designer created a casino token worth $7.5 million. This special token was presented in an alligator skin case, while the chip features a collection of more than 22,000 jewels and gems. The gems totalled more than 1,000 carats and the token is meant for serious high rollers.

How Do You Turn Your $1 Chip into Thousands?

If you’re a collector of poker tokens and follows the history of casino chips, this opportunity might be closer than you think. A couple of years ago a lady added her $1 casino chip on eBay. The reserve price set at $10. The $1 poker chip referred to was from Vegas, more particular the Showboat Casino. A collector contacted her and told her that the $1 casino chip is worth much more, its value is about $15K. She immediately changed the value and at the end of the auction period sold it for over $30,000. So even if you’re not a keen player, collection casino tokens could be a great hobby, that might award you with thousands.