Greta Thunberg Mural Terminated

The State Department of North Dakota confirmed that an approved mural for Greta Thunberg had been terminated going forward. Meant to be located in Bismarck, substantial backlash faced local politicians for appearing this artwork. Climate change activist and artist, Shane Balkowitsch is disappointed with the cancellation. He proposed the 2.1 Metre Mural to Bismarck authorities, which would’ve meant to honour the young woman who’s inspired thousands worldwide. It would’ve been located on an exterior wall of a downtown bakery, with it resembling an internationally recognized photo of Greta at the Rock Sioux Reservation.

Local government in Bismarck didn’t expect the overwhelming resentment towards the mural. Most of the workforce is employed with coal and oil reserves across North Dakota, with climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Shane Balkowitsch acting as substantial threats towards their industries. It prompted countless individuals to sent threats to Bismarck’s Town Hall, with most expressing that the mural would be destroyed time-and-time again without any hesitation. Government leaders in Bismarck also received threats against their lives for approving this project.

It took this artist a prolonged period to receive permission for this project, with Shane Balkowitsch having to gain access from the building owner of this bakery and the cities zoning staff. When looking through public documents via city records, it’s indicated that the Downtown Design Review Committee in Bismarck and Renaissance Zone Authority in North Dakota, demanded that this project move forward. Local law enforcement under the city records opposed murals development. It should be noted that after these documents were publicly released, the bakeries owner began being threated by unidentified assailants.

The Substantial Backlash

The Brick Oven Bakery is operated by Sandy & Steven Jacobson, who have expressed that they’re considering shutting down the business. The proposed location has still been vandalized, with the Jacobson’s being named traitors to the Bismarck area. It could prompt serious shortcoming with annual profits. Emotional impacts behind this mural became a city-wide issue, which has made the Brick Oven Bakery is a substantial target. Sandy and Steven Jacobson are concerned about leaving the “Mom & Pop Shop” late at night, with those concerns relating to their personal safety and the well-being of the business.

Most individuals worldwide believe that Greta Thunberg is an immature young teenager that cannot express her emotions appropriately. Her last formidable appearance in public saw her cry to world leaders, which allowed the teenager to receive the “Person of the Year” award from Time Magazine. Most believe she isn’t approaching the issues of climate change professionally or maturely.