Gamification: Missions, Fun & Rewards

Player-centred game designs are one thing, but still, the developers have to keep several facts in mind. When it comes to mechanics, the players still need to be able to manage the amount of cash they spend on the game, and there are ethical considerations.

Casino game designers adding gamification elements to online games create missions that keep the player challenged. These need to be monitored and measure to study the enjoyment level of the player. Also, the age or sex of the player to create even more engaging games, although the designer still needs to keep legal considerations in mind.

When it comes to motivating the player to play the game, the number of players that finds the appealing match needs to be monitored. At the same time, prolonged play and spending by the player need to remain at a fun level.

Gamification Ranking Leaderboard

Casino game designers first studied gamers behaviour to learn what they find appealing and fun. What they get hooked on and those game features are now re-designed to be added to casino games.

Most video games have leader boards; the player wants to monitor his/her achievement and measure it against fellow players success. Top players like to see their ranking in their own country and worldwide, which means when they’re number one in their country, they start chasing world-leaders.

Gamification Statistics – What They Reveal

The only way we already learn in creating the perfect game is by studying player behaviour. Not all results tell you what keeps them playing; the results also show you what makes the player leave the game. This is important not only in-game design but also counts in the marketing-strategy used to promote the game.

What is the Perfect Game?

But, while we keep focussing on the creation of the perfect game, what is meant by the ideal match. Casino developers, owners and software providers have a very definite description: The game would improve the lifetime expectancy, it would extend players playtime meaning instead of playing it a few times. The player will return over several months.

What is the Best Marketing Strategy When It Comes to Online Casino Games?

The top way to get players to at least try the game is by offering it in free play mode. This way, the player can play for free and get to know the challenges and see the rewards. Success means that the player wants to become part of the playing community. He/she want to win the virtual awards and show off the badges and trophies. Most of all they get a taste of maybe getting their name onto the leaderboard. The main goal: the player becomes a top achiever and is not satisfied with only being the best in the game, but in the country and then aims to become the best worldwide.