Designers Worth Gold Creates the Most Luxurious Casinos

Casinos are the largest entertainment malls, and the designers are ambitious, creative and know how to make these as flashy as the billboards. There is a very distinctive difference between newly built casinos and the stately older ones.

Newer Built Casino Resorts versus Older Casinos

The older building has more building details while the newer building stands out like a billboard in New York. If you’re a table game player, the inside might look or feel the same as your focus remains on the game itself although several of the newer mega brands have created a different atmosphere for VIPs, table and card players as well as slot machine spinners.

Caesar’s Palace the USA

In a recent survey focussed on finding out which casino the world finds the most impressive, the number one casino was Caesar’s Palace in the USA. It comes as no surprise as this hotel is a wonder to behold. The casino was designed and built to represents a mega-sized version of the Roman Forum; this includes the gardens of Olympus and the pools.

Casino de Monte Carlo Monaco

The casino that ended in the second place of the world’s most impressive land-based casinos is the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. It is the classiest of all casino worldwide, and it makes every single visitor feels like a film star. The casino is an opulent palace that offers the best entertainment. The monstrosity beats all others when it comes to luxury and class blended with sound effect.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The casino in the third place is the superb Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; it’s modern, it’s gorgeous and its features three towers. This casino features the largest outdoor pool in the world, and it is the most spectacular modern casino worldwide. When it comes to visually impressive, the casino might take the first place.

Sun City Casino Resort South Africa

In the fourth place, the most impressive casino in Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa. This casino is not only one of the most impressive visually but also offers a golf course designed by Garry Player. Visitors can enjoy top hotel services and visit several nightclubs. The palace is set in the spectacular bushveld and a tourist favourite for its wildlife tours and outdoor activities.

Venetian Macau China

If you’ve been waiting for a casino in China, Macau, you’ll be happy to hear that Venetian Macau is next on the list. The casino offers perfect physical beauty and provides visitors with a golden experience that exceeds all expectations.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Other casinos mentioned on the most popular list includes The Venetian in Las Vegas, Foxwoods Resort Casino in the United States, The Aria in Las Vegas, and the Casino di Venezia in Venice. The Casino di Venezia was voted as the most romantic casino, and it is possibly the one most selected for honeymoons and wedding receptions.