Controlling Your Gambling Emotions

To avoid the problem of acting out during your gambling sessions, there are a few steps to calm down your troubled mind and spirit. Don’t act when the results are not what you expect, walk away, and you’ll be grateful that you did when your emotions calm down. When a weak moment has passed, you’ll be most thankful that you were in control of your feelings. Before you can start to control your emotions, you need to know what they are. Emotions are the most pressing, present and often most painful force in all our lives. Our feelings drive us. 
In gambling, we take chances on different games because we’re excited by the prospects of winning. We laugh when we think something is funny, we cry when it is sad, and we make sacrifices when we love. Our emotions rule our actions, our intentions and our thoughts with superior authority. We all act too quickly on our feelings, and it is often the wrong kind that gets as to work, which makes our quick decisions irrational. Whether we deal with life or gambling, our feelings differ between the most dangerous extremes. It can border on the rage to a state of euphoria; the best emotions are a logical perspective and a sense of moderation. It does not mean you should not enjoy casino games or never fall in love. If you win from sports gambling or playing slots, it does not mean you should not jump with joy when you win. 
Our positive emotions are much better handled; the problem is that we don’t often realize that negative emotions need extreme care — the negative emotions such as envy, rage or bitterness spiral out of control far too quickly. The danger is at its highest immediately after losing a bet you thought would’ve won.

Make Calm Decisions & Love the Results

Give it time and these negative emotions grow slowly like weeds that damage feelings and dominate your daily life. Think about a person you’ve met that are always hostile and angry, no one is born that way. What went wrong is that they allowed emotions to rule their feelings for so long that it now rules their existence.

In life in gambling never react right away, it triggers mistakes and most you’ll regret later. Sleep on it, take a step back, take a deep breath get the overwhelming impulse stabilized and give yourself at least time till your muscles are no longer tense and your heart rate returns to normal. Gambling is for your entertainment and if you control your emotions it is fun and a great way to escape the stress of life.

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